Reincarnation Author Frank Mares is awarded Editor’s Choice Award by iUniverse Publishing Company

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( — April 13, 2013) Columbus, Ohio — The editorial board of iUniverse Publishing, an affiliate and publishing partner of Penguin Books, awarded its Editor’s Choice Award to the book, “My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway” written by author Frank Mares. The nonfiction book, which tells of the author’s discovery of nine of his violent past lives, was recently released in November 2012.

“I am extremely flattered to have won this recognition,” said the author Frank Mares, “Believe me, it was not my writing ability that won this award, but it’s the strength of the book’s story line that carried the day. I am grateful that the Editorial Board was willing to work with the controversial content of my book and my past life discoveries. My greatest hope is that my readers will use my experiences to help them understand that most of their current life struggles are directly connected to issues that originated in their prior lives.”

Mares obtained this stunning information about his past lives by first practicing meditation which eventually gave him limited psychic abilities. He then leveraged his new found powers with hypno regression therapy and the use of three world class psychics to capture details of the revealed nine lives. Most critics of reincarnation complain that the recipients of past life information typically claim that they were famous personalities such as Cleopatra or Joan of Arc. That is not the case with Mares. Although he claims to have been a minor historical figure twice, these particular lives were recorded in more obscure German history and are not well known in America. In addition, Mares’ two famous past lives had reputations of being thugs. Mares’ non-famous past lives were as German soldiers (three lives), a German fisherman, a priest, a Scottish villager and a German dairy farmer involved in a land swindle. His book does a clever job of tying all of these lives together and explaining how they affect his current life as a small businessman in Ohio. The climax of the book is the discovery of the one life that caused a great karmic debt to be put on his soul. This karmic debt was the reason why his soul had to experience death violently seven times. These past lives and their fates are also listed at his website at my past lives page.

The concept and belief of reincarnation is slowly gaining acceptance in the Western world. As part of this movement and as part of his soul’s continuing process of redemption, Mares also maintains a psychic and reincarnation website at The website contains a blog about his latest psychic adventures along with information about the reincarnation process. His goal is to have his experiences show that death is only a transition phase, and that it should not be feared. His book and website reveal that reincarnation is actually a well designed, organized system that allows souls to learn life lessons over a surprising number of lives. Mares wants his readers to gain confidence about the afterlife through his stories of reincarnation and his interactions with the “other side”. He half jokingly asserts, “My book proves no one should fear being sent to Hell because Earth is the real Hell. After all the bad things that I did in my prior lives, I should have been burning down there for 400 years by now, yet here I am living large in America!”

About the Author:  

Frank Mares is a small businessman in Columbus Ohio and the author of the book “My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway.”