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( — April 13, 2013) Sioux Falls, SD–3 Expert Facebook Tips for Roofers Marketing using Social Media.

With Facebook having over 800 million active users, it continues to hold the metal for the most powerful online marketing site.  As a professional roofer you cannot underestimate the power of a Facebook marketing strategy.  If you want to take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level, then follow these marketing tips and techniques that have been proven to have results.

 Converting “Likers” into Buyers

 Marketing expert, Jimmy Morrow said, “Make sure that you have a Facebook profile and fan page.  This way you can encourage your visitors to “like” your fan page by enticing them with a coupon, free e-book, free trial, or other incentive.”  This can greatly increase your fan conversion rates while also providing your customers with something of value. 

This Roofers Marketing Guide is a good start to learning more.

Morrow added, “Find a question or problem that your customer needs solved and provide it for them as a gift.  Perhaps a checklist of “Top Things You Should Know About Roof Maintenance,” or other informative article to keep them interested while also showing your expertise in the matter.”

 Don’t Stray From The Topic

 People who are following you own Facebook are doing so because they are interested in your brand or industry, and “unliking” a page is as simple as “liking” it.  If you capture their attention by discussing ways to weather-proof their homes, but then stray off to a different topic, you will probably lose them.  Trying to only post about roofing may seem really challenging, so here are some tips to keep the updates flowing:

  •  Find a current event in your area or industry and write about how it may impact them. 
  •  Share a funny YouTube video.  This doesn’t have to be specifically about roofing, but rather somewhat related.  Perhaps a funny clip of a raccoon causing havoc in an attic, anything that gets their attention.
  •  Ask for help.  You can even invite your fans to post questions, pictures, or videos about your company on your wall.  This way you have something new to comment on.
  • A Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words

 Be sure to include pictures along with your Facebook updates.  Facebook is about sharing pictures as much as it is about sharing information.  Some ideas for what to include are pictures of happy customers, photos of your staff working, events you have attended, or pictures of those new roofs you have installed.  Don’t forget to crop your picture appropriately.  Keep in mind that Facebook is only going to show a small version of your photo. Take out any unnecessary background so that you have a closely cropped, personal photo.

These are just a few ways that Facebook can help with marketing a roofing business. To learn more about blogging for roofers and to learn what you should say in your roofing blog, take advantage of online resources such as


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