Karori Medical Centre Serving Karori Community For Over 30 Years.

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(Newswire.net — April, 17, 2013) Karori, Wellington, NZ — Karori Medical Centre Serving Karori Community For over 30 Years.   Karori Medical Centre is made up of 7 general practitioners who are directors, 4 general practitioners who are associates and 2 locums as well as 7 practice nurses of all whom form part of a successful formula that has spanned over 30 years.  

Being a progressive community health centre they pride themselves with continuing education for themselves and their community, a long with keeping up with the latest technology.

Over recent years the staff at the clinic have been writing thousands of articles, which are submitted to their website for the community to read and research, the community is very well informed with quality information, from common ailments to serious illnesses.

Rebecca a local resident says “I love going to their website if I’ve got a problem and I need a quick answer, it’s a lot more reliable that Doctor Google, which you can’t really trust.”

One of the doctors Dr Chan Dassanayake contributes to a blog on the site, which gives the readers in the community a chance to get to know the doctors personally, it brings a freindly approach and makes coming to the centre, not such a daunting proposition.

Rebecca also says “The Practice Nurses at The Karori Medical Centre are great and they’re always available for many types of treatments, which include changing of dressings, checks for blood pressure, cervical smears, immunisations, hearing tests and ECGS.”

Keeping up with the latest technology patients at the Karori Medical Centre also have the opportunity to sign up with an online portal called Manage My Health and have the ability to make appointments online. 





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