Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind Of David Wood

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(Newswire.Net — April 18, 2013) Minneapolis, MN — Everybody wants to hear about someone who has made it big.  And that’s especially true when the big part has to do with lots of money.  We want to know how they did it.  Maybe there’s a chance that we could do it too.

I became intrigued with the apparently overnight success of internet millionaire David Wood.  The word on the street was that he had rocketed from poverty to millionaire status in just 18 months. 

It all started when he got a ticket for sleeping in his van.  He had $37 in his bank account and the ticket cost him $35.  He decided that he had enough.  Being poor and working for Green Peace had a romantic ring to it—and he was fond of the cause—but he had reached the end of his rope.  David made a proposal to his wife.  He asked her if she would get a job and support them for two months while he tried to change their fortunes and earn money online.

His wife Ashley said “Yes!”

David had always been unconventional.  Now in his early thirties, he had tried to make it big in the field of network marketing a number of times and had failed.  He had worked building downlines in Amway and Prepaid Legal.  He would pour tons of energy and effort into his business, sometimes for years.  And while he had made a bit of money, it was always a meager return on his investment of time and energy.

But even at a young age he had learned some critical lessons.

One was that building a business is about building relationships not making sales.   That understanding alone had generated a lot more success for him in his last business endeavor.  Another key understanding set the groundwork for real success.  He realized that his mindset was all important. 

He began to practice the art of intention.  Each day he would set his intention on what he wanted to accomplish that day.

With his wife Ashley supporting them, David focused all his time and energy on building a downline in a new network marketing company.  This time he added one other new piece.  He decided that the best way to find prospects for his business was online.  So he set about blogging and connecting with people online.  This was in September of 2009.  When he started he said he didn’t have a clue about blogging and social media.

From nothing to $500,000 per month

At first he didn’t even try to sell anything.  He simply wrote interesting articles and connected with the people who commented on them.  One connection led to another and another.  The first month he made no sales.  The second month a few people bought his network marketing company’s product—a subscription for personal growth information at $179 per month.  At the end of the third month he had a viral breakthrough and made $28,000 in less than a week.

That was at the end of 2009.  Today David Wood makes over $500,000 in a new network marketing company.  Want more details on David’s rise to millionaire status, click here. 

What does David Wood say about his success? 

“A lot of people look at my story and they say ‘Oh, Dave Wood just got online a year ago and he rose to the very top’.  They don’t know what I’ve been through.  They don’t know the kind of work I did to get there. And they don’t know the blood, and the sweat and the tears that I put into building my business the wrong way before I learned to do it the right way.”

Get David’s full story from childhood to present.  You can also hear David Wood talk about what he’s doing now.  Listen to the video on the right “David Wood — Internet Millionaire”.