David Lelm Officially named "Best Internet Marketing Consultant" in Hawaii

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(Newswire.net — April 17th, 2013) Kailua-Kona, HI — David Lelm Has Recently Been Officially Designated “Best Internet Marketing Consultant” in Hawaii after a poll conducted amongst some of the Internets Finest marketers voted on who was deserving of Best of per state nationwide.

The ballot and ultimately, the designation of “Best Internet Marketing Consultant” in Hawaii was set up immediately after an intense debate started about just who exactly in each individual state would ultimately be able to claim the esteemed title. In an attempt to maintain the survey fair to all locals, the competition was implemented via the internet and the winner was chosen by internet marketing peers independently.

Soon after commencing the poll, there was a strong contest for the title of “Best Marketing Internet Marketing Consultant” in Hawaii, but after the results were in, there was a distinct and indisputable recipient of the sought after title. As soon as the opinion poll closed, David Lelm was presented as the official “Best Internet Marketing Consultant”  in Hawaii.

Those that have had the privilege of working with David are not too surprised at the result.  The conclusion about David is that he is efficient.  Having been marketing online for only a year its truly amazing that he has already achieved a title such as “Best Internet Marketing Consultant” in Hawaii.  But David has been described as having a true passion and desire to help others and has surrounded himself with a team of individuals who help him and those he assists achieve anything online.

David Lelm was most likely identified as “Best Internet Marketing Consultant” by area residents in large part due to the work David has completed for local businesses and individuals whom are looking to begin to make a living online.  It has been said that David simply knows what direction to point either a business or individual in to help them win with an online presence.  

After the results were in, Mr. Lelm was mentioned as stating “I’m very humbled at being honored with such a title.  All I do is try to help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.  I live by the motto of; The more people you help get what they want they more likely you are to get what you want.”! 

One of the factors that likely contributed to David Lelm being named “Best Internet Marketing Consultant” in Hawaii is the fact that he just became an author writing the book “Ultimate Lifestyle Business” in which he is giving free copies away.

As a result of being honored with the title of “Best Internet Marketing Consultant in Hawaii” David announced to us that he is going to be offer free consultations to any business owner or individual that would like guidance from him.  When asked about this he stated “I would like to help guide any business that wants  to gain the power of the internet and I can also help out individuals seeking to get in the industry”

You can enter in your information to the right of this article to get a free consultation and a free copy of David Lelm’s Book “Ultimate Lifestyle Business”


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