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( — April 18, 2013) Calgary, AB —  Who uses print directories anymore? With the advent of the internet they are about to go the way of the dinosaur. The solution lies in online directories. Using a mobile or desktop is the quick and easy way to find business information.  In by-gone days they were the most convenient way to find business contact information. Print directories are now viewed as inefficient and cumbersome; they no longer have the aura of necessity. Wasting tons of paper and energy they do not contribute to a greener environment. Beyond the waste, print directories quickly become outdated.

Blanket online directories that cater to all business types are like a jack-of -all trades – master of none. Unlike these blanket directories Oilfield Directory is focused on serving the oil and gas industry with the latest online technology and tools.

“Oilfield Directory has the ultimate solution for oil and gas companies. Members and customers looking for oil and gas products or services can search by sub category by clicking the appropriate category. For example they could click – Drilling Products and Services and a list of associated sub categories will pop open such as Drilling Equipment, Blowout Preventers, Coring Services, to name a few. They can search by location such as Alberta, Canada or Houston, Texas this will bring up a list of companies serving those areas, easily they can narrow the search from there.” explains Mr. Steele company spokesman.

Mr. Steele goes on to add, “One of our greatest assets is the keyword search if a user does not know the company name the directory features a handy suggestive search. So simply entering a keyword such as drilling will suggest some companies that have the word drilling in them. Or perhaps you are looking for oil and gas companies in Calgary you can simply enter the string “oil and gas Calgary” or “Calgary oil and gas”, the keyword search enables you to quickly choose a company that you couldn’t previously recall the name of.”

Thousands of users have found that listing their business or organization with Oilfield Directory is easy and takes only a few moments. The site offers a list of categories that pertain to the oil and gas industry. Once a user has decided on an advertising package the site guides them along to enter their company information.

“If you select a Showcase listing you may personalize and modify your advertisement using your logo and other pictures and video. You can attach a pdf’s or other documents that you feel would be helpful to prospective clientele. The Showcase level offers numerous additional benefits such as event and job posting, classified ads, priority ad placement, and the company logo will rotate on the home page and the main listings page.”

“The best thing about listing your company on the directory is no programming skills are needed and you can easily update your information anytime you like. To accommodate our members Oilfield Directory is open to suggestions for new categories for new products or services.” notes Mr. Steele

If you think this sounds expensive? Think again, the truth of the matter is that for less than a cup of coffee per day members get all of these benefits and more. Since 1996 Oilfield Directory has been in the business of providing the latest technologies and highest quality of service to companies in the oil and gas industry.  No other web directories offers oil and gas companies the comprehensive services that utilizes the latest oil and gas marketing tools to help them achieve their goals. In conclusion, relying on print editions will only doom your business to failure. By applying the technology and social networking platforms available today you can ensure a brighter future for your oil or gas business.


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