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( — April 17, 2013) Charlotte, NC — An increasing trend in America is that pets are considered to be and treated like an actual member of the family.  As a result, services such as pet sitting are expanding against the trend of the current recession. Kennels are no longer the accepted method of caring for the pet while the owner is away. Pet owners instead are hiring more personalized services such as in home care that eliminates many problems of what to do with their animal during vacations or business travel. Groomers and sales from online suppliers are also benefiting from the trend. Even with the down turn in the economy, pet owners are willing to spend more on their special family member.

According to IBISWorld, the world’s largest independent publisher of U.S. industry research, ”The pet grooming and boarding sector has seen steady revenue growth over the past five years of 4.1 percent and is expected to see another five years of annualized growth of 5.4 percent.” IBISWorld also says “Over the past three years, 17,000 jobs have been added, with another 33,031 more jobs expected in the next three years.”

This is all good news to entrepreneurs who love animals and a breath of fresh air in a battered economy.

People choose pet sitters over boarding houses or kennels for many reasons. An in home pet service changes everything for the pet and the pet owner who needs to be away. The pet doesn’t have to go through the trauma of getting used to a new environment and can stay on their usual routine of exercise and feeding. There is no need to transport the animal anywhere. A kennel can expose a pet to other animal’s diseases or unwanted fleas and the animals are usually caged. This is no longer acceptable to many pet owners and they are willing to pay extra for the better care. The bonded and insured services usually include caring for the owner’s house as well as the pet. This removes the need to rely on friends and family to take care of things during the owner’s absence. A more simple service of just coming by to give the dog or cat a walk and potty break or for feeding is also a common service for people who want their pet to have attention while they are at work.

As people continue to treat their animals as family members the pet service sector continues to grow and shows no sign of letting up. Professional in home pet care can be found in Charlotte by calling 704-266-3712.


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