Pet Sitting in Raleigh NC – Growing Industry in Sluggish Economy

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( — November 21, 2012)  Few sectors of the economy are showing steady and sustained growth but the pet services industry is bucking the trend. Pet owners are spending more every year no matter what the economy does. According to Packaged Facts, published by Rockville, Maryland-based, “The pet industry accounted for $57 billion in sales of pet products and services in the United States in 2011.” This is about a $2 billion increase and the trend is expected to continue through 2012/2013. Rapidly approaching the $60 billion mark and not slowing down, the pet services industry is growing at a rapid pace.

This growth spawns new products as pet owners strive to treat their pet as a full-fledged family member. There is much more than just bag and can food now. Health conscious owners can now shop for organic foods as well as gourmet treats. The pet food section in supermarkets is expanding and can even have refrigerated, raw and fresh selections. The number of pet groomers, doggie day cares and personalized pet products is also growing at a rapid pace, creating new jobs.

Replacing kennels in this pet service boom are professional pet sitting companies. This provides a new level of convenience for the pet owner and the pet.  Most services supply in home pet care which simplifies everything. The owner no longer has to stress the animal by first transporting it out of its familiar environment and placing it in a strange place and maybe even caged where they can be exposed to other animals diseases and unwanted fleas. This type of boarding is no longer acceptable to pet owners who treat their animals as if they were family members. At home, the pet can stay in its familiar environment and stay on its regular routine of exercise and feeding. The convenience factor is huge for the pet and owner. Many of these services are bonded and insured as they also include caring for the owner’s house while they are away. Doing basic chores such as mail retrieval and watering plants makes for a complete package. Most cities have a good selection of professional pet sitters who take care of pets on a full time basis. Professional in home pet care can be found in Raleigh NC by calling 919-205-0981.

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