How An Orlando Landscaping Company is Helping to Improve Home Values

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( — April 19, 2013) Orlando, FL – Orlando landscaping company A Galy Landscape & Design is helping Orlando area residents improve their home values and their home security at the same time by strategically installing tress, bushes and prickly plants. And many of them are actually saving money from their landscape investment and here’s how.

Everyone knows how important first impressions are, especially when it comes to houses. Does the term “curb appeal” come to mind? A well manicured lawn that has been properly cut and edged, trees properly trimmed along with colorful flowers planted in strategic locations around the property is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to spruce up a property and increase its perceived value.

“Orlando has been hard hit by the housing crisis and most homeowners have been hesitant about spending money on outside improvements to their homes because of the uncertainty in the market. So, we show them how minor improvements for even as little as five hundred dollars can have a huge impact on the value of their property, said Alan Galy, owner of A Galy Landscape & Design.

Think of two identical cars that are for sale. One car is dirty, windows haven’t been cleaned, and the car mats haven’t been vacuumed or scrubbed in months. Compare that car to one that has been fully detailed, washed, waxed, windows cleaned, car mats scrubbed, tires treated, etc. Which car do you think will fetch a higher price when sold? Which car do you think you’d rather drive?

The same is true for landscaping and A Galy Landscape & Design is taking that message to its customers in the hope of growing its business by helping its customers improve their property values. The company is also emphasizing how its landscaping services can help improve the security of a home by simply trimming foliage and bushes that may block visibility from the street or even give would be burglars a safe place to hide.

“You’d be amazed at how a simple trimming service will increase a homes security and steer a burglars somewhere else once the bushes have been trimmed back from window and door areas”, said Galy. Police departments nationwide are all in agreement that overgrown hedges and foliage are often used by burglars and criminals because it gives them a place to hide and not be seen.

About the Company
A Galy Landscape and Design provides their customers with a wide variety of landscaping services and needs. With more than 40 years of experience in the green industry, A Galy Landscape and Design’s knowledge and expertise in landscaping will help create a beautiful and flourishing Florida yard and garden.

The Orlando based landscaping company provides the following services: Landscape & Architect Design, Landscape Installation, Irrigation Installation & Repair, Sod Removal & Installation, Grass, St. Augustine, Bahia, Zoysa, Floratam, Mulch and Mulching, Lawn Maintenance, Hardscape, Pavers, Brick pavers, Driveway Pavers, Patio and walkway pavers, Pool pavers, Retaining Wall and Free Standing Wall, Rock Beds, Fire Pits and Outdoor, Fire Places, Landscape Lighting, & Outdoor Lighting.

The company serves the greater Orlando area including Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Gotha, Isleworth, Hunters Creek, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Maitland, Ocoee, Orlando, Thornton Park, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Winter Park.

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