Veterans with Medical Skills Help at Boston Marathon Blast

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( — April 19, 2013) Auburn NY — Mondays Blast at the Boston Marathon reminds us the volatile world we live in. It also highlighted the tremendous continuity ingrained in our service men and women. The response of both first responders and on site veterans and professionals exemplifies the spirit of selfless acts that have been a hallmark trait of all those who have served our country.

Heroic actions such as using t-shirts as tourniquets and bandages show how their training allows them to respond to such horrific events. While the events of the day have been captured on video some unrecorded personal actions like those of Tyler Dodd and Brennan Mullaney plus countless unnamed hero’s.

It is amazing the medical training and basic instinct to jump into action is so evident in veterans regardless of the theater they have served in or the years that have pasted.

Recent veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan can relate to the IED’s that rocked the finish line on Monday. “The real crazy symbolism here is that this was essentially an IED, an improvised explosive device,” said Army Maj. Mike Erwin,” The reminder of such cowardly tactics used insurgents in those wars haunts many veterans, and is a grim reminder to all of us how vulnerable we are. Many veterans expressed empathy to those that have lost a limb and the long road to recovery. Rebuilding their lives will now consume their recovery efforts and the support required will be paramount in our efforts. The veterans can lend their experience in this area and those that have suffered from these types of attacks will undoubtedly contribute much in the days to come. Dealing with the trauma that many have now experienced, is a burden others our veterans will help by their previous examples.  

Medical Training of our troops and first responders cannot be underestimated, and I hope that the programs and colleges that work with our veterans, like Medical Sales College, will continue to offer education opportunities to such inspirational individuals.

Unfortunately this will not be the last time such acts of heroism will become evident, but I am confident in the ability of our veterans to lead the way in the future. Everyone should recognize the wonderful asset we as a country have in our veterans and active service men and woman and the second to none training they receive.


It is a wonderful testimony to our citizenry and our veterans that, in spite of such adversity, we can rise to the occasion and show the world that we will not be intimidated by such acts of terrorism.


Wally Kline