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The highly acclaimed online flight simulator developed in conjunction with NASA and the FAA, in use by those bodies as well as the U.S. military and other large public and private institutions, is now available to the general public at a special reduced price – for a limited time.

VirtualPilot3D, produced by Virtual Network LLC, is the result of over 5 years development and programming effort by the three men responsible for it’s creation – Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, John Irwin. It has been approved for use by FAA as an online flight trainer, and is used as a training tool by professional pilots the world over. The current version, released in 2011 and very well received worldwide, is available now for Windows 7 and instant online download.

The comprehensive flight simulation provides users with an unprecedented level of realism and detail. Instruments, cockpits and flight control systems look and perform just as their real-world counterparts do. The system integrates with GPS and Google Maps, and real airline flight routes can even be chosen by players.

VirtualPilot3D supports over 200 different kinds of aircraft – virtually every major aircraft type seen in a century of flight. For those who prefer air combat simulations, the manifest includes many fighter and bomber types from WWI to the present day.

Breathtakingly realistic scenery serves a greater purpose than just that of aesthetics. Players fly over completely representative geography – while experiencing changing weather conditions – to land and take off from over 25,000 real airports and airfields all over the world. In addition, terrain, flight paths and environments can be created to suit. The game boasts a smart AI which simulates the presence of other aircraft, as well as tower communications, telemetry and unpredictable factors such as wind sheer.

VirtualPilot3D runs on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems and is available for instant download. Purchase includes shipment of 4 DVDs full of additional content to enhance the online flying experience. The online flight simulation is compatible with all types of gaming hardware, such as flight control systems, foot pedals, joysticks and the like, and supports multiple monitors (up to 9) for what is called a “fully immersive flying experience” by the manufacturer.

“Not only is VirtualPilot3D the most realistic flight sim available today, it’s also the most user friendly, easy to play and fast to get into,” said a company spokesperson. “It takes most players somewhere between 15 minutes and an hour to get set up, go through the in-flight tutorials and really start flying. That’s it!”

VirtualPilot3D comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee for the basic edition, and a full year on the premium. The special discount price is scheduled to expire once the Windows 8 version of VirtualPilot3D is available, which is slated for the fall of 2013.


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