Amway Illuminati Recruiting Secrets Revealed by Ken Jolly

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( — 23, April, 2013) Recently Ken Jolly launched a new website titled “BagBoyToGURU” which can be found at and which he intends to use as a website to show amway reps how to make money online.

Jolly was asked why he would even use the word illuminati in the website and he said, “I used the word illuminati because I believe I am revealing a secret underground online strategy that noone in Amway knows about”

The website was purchased by Jolly for only $8.99 on  He mentioned he would have purchased the .net and .org as well but unfortunately someone already had that one.  He was also able to pickup the .info version of and has plans to launch that domain later this March with video training and some written training.

Just recently Devon Mahdi from gave Ken Jolly  a great video testimonial which was used to help launch the new website.  Ken is a client and friend of Mahdi and gives his advice the highest marks and admits that Mahdi is the most innovative marketer that is always way ahead of the curve.

About Ken Jolly:  Ken Jolly is an Internet Marketer who specializes in lead generation. He is a well known Affiliate Marketer, Direct Response Marketer, Copywriter and a SEO Specialist. He is also a Mixed Martial Artist who trains in Spokane Washington.