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( — April 28, 2013) Spokane, WA – Devon Mahdi reveals “Profitable Sunrise News”, the truth of what is happening in the company.


There are quite a few investors who decided to join Roman Novak’s HYIP and now crave Profitable Sunrise News as much has been quiet for the last several weeks. Unfortunately this investment was no different than many others that leech of those blinded by promises of high returns and garner support from the few who actually saw returns in the beginning. This article will deliver Profitable Sunrise news you may not wish to hear but has been made public. If you invested with Novak, you need to continue reading this article and discover what has actually occurred.


Profitable Sunrise, as mentioned, was a high yield investment program put forth by a gentleman named Roman Novak. He promised interest earnings of 1.5 to 2 percent each day and many people signed on for a piece of the pie. This was declared as an international investment which helped many decide it was on the up and up. Unfortunately the Profitable Sunrise news we have is that it ended up being a ponzi scheme according to many local governments as noted in this “Profitable Sunrise News” article, and they have been shut down in several states at this point in the US.


The truth is that there was a huge influx of HYIP’s overtaking the web a few years back and the feds went after them with a passion. In today’s economic environment you simply are not going to get high rates of return when banks themselves are receiving only a few points per year. What occurred is Roman was taking money in and paying those with incoming investments leading to an eventual shortage of cash to keep the system running. At this stage of the game, he has taken whatever money was left and run, leaving many with no hope for recovery.


Sadly, many investors are blaming the government agencies for the downfall, as these are people who received money in the beginning and kept gambling on it continuing. HYIP’s are a game, not an investment and the term game was used by many to keep people from shutting them down before they got what they wanted out of it. The issue is that people were going to lose in the end and to prevent more investors from losing cash, agencies took action. In a ponzi scheme, early investors always get what was promised. This is the bait that lures them back for more and others into the fold as they now have others with success in the program to vouch for it.

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The Profitable Sunrise news coming out is not what many want to hear but it is the truth. Often we become hopeful of a better way and grandiose promises often lure us into bad situation. If anything has come from this situation it is that others will once again look for wolves in sheep’s clothing before handing over their hard earned money to a stranger.

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