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( — May 10, 2013) La Crescenta, CA — Dr. Alfred Garbutt is a specialist in physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, and therapeutic/clinical nutrition along with general chiropractic services.

He has been treating patients in the La Cresenta-Montrose-Glendale area for the last twelve years and also that of the Los Angeles for a 30 year period.

He is one of the top credentialed chiropractic doctors in So. California and the US today. This includes working with professional and world class athletes since 1977. And most recently with top golfers on improving their srength, flexibility, and sports nutrition.

Dr. Garbutt uses a number of highly specialized techniques to assess and treat patients and athletes for back, neck and other physical pain problems, including nutritional super foods to support a patient’s treatment plan or successful rehab.  

Many of his patients refer to him as “Alf” because of his caring attitude for his patients, as he has helped many individuals in his practice over the years with the utmost professional chiropractic treatment.

Here is what one patient said of Dr. Garbutt’s chiropractic care:

I am very fortunate to have Dr. Alfred Garbutt helping me with my recover from being quite ill. He has helped me overcome a serious life-threatening virus. Something in the medical world I was told there was no cure and treatment for.  I followed his advice and program and in doing so have a “new lease on life.”

He is very caring and helpful and I owe a special gratitude to him for helping me thru a difficult time, and being there for me.  Thank you so much Alf ! Dr. Garbutt,     B.C.

In 2010 he received the Rehab Chiropractor of the Year Award for his work in his field and patients.

Dr. Garbutt recently participated in this year’s American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Rehabilitation Council’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida on April 19-21, 2013 talking about key advances in chiropractic treatment and patient care.  

His web site is and the office address is 3810 La Crescenta Ave, CA 91214. New patients are currently welcome.

To schedule an appointment or get more information on his programs, including a chiropractic or sports medicine consultation, call Janine, office manager or Dr. Garbutt at 818-248-5570.  Go here.  



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