Drilling Contractors ROI Exceeds Expecations

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(Newswire.net — April 26, 2013) Calgary, AB — Finding the perfect directional or horizontal drilling company that offers a premium service with quality equipment and a well-trained crew can be a formidable task. Employers will be looking for long term success and the ability to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Before hiring a drilling contractor it would be wise to consider the contractors experience, safety record and productivity. As well as take the time to learn what type of equipment they have available, is the equipment well-maintained?  Will the drilling equipment be available when you need it or will you be on a waiting list? What about the crew, do they take pride in working safely? Check references and learn about their reputation. Are others happy with their work or was it more of a nightmare. By doing some research you can save a lot of headache down the road.

If you already have a directional drilling contractor that specializes in the oil and gas industry and provides you with satisfactory services, that’s great. Perhaps you have dealt with them for years and do not see a need to look elsewhere. Maybe you’ve just signed the checks and never thought about minimizing costs however with the economy tightening up it may be worth it to consider if you really are getting the best deal.

The great thing about getting multiple quotes it will prove whether or not you are getting a great ROI. If you find you are paying way more than you should be checking around gives you the leverage of cutting a better deal and still keeping your current horizontal drilling contractor or directional driller.

Many companies use Oilfield Directory to search for oil and gas products or services. The directory provides phone numbers and addresses of companies who provide various products and services to the oil and gas niche market. With the release of their new suggestive keyword search finding companies who specialize in specific products or services is only a few clicks away. Simply enter “Drilling Contractors” and a list of contacts will appear.

Company spokesman Scott Steele explained how easy it is to search in the updated Oilfield Directory, he stated, “Besides being able to search by keywords, you can narrow your search to location as well. Perhaps you are looking for a competitor in the Calgary, Alberta area. Then enter the keyword, drilling contractors, directional drilling contractor, boring contractor or even a specific company name like Nabors drilling in the keyword box. If you want a specific location you can for example enter “Calgary” in the location box. A list of companies who provide drilling services in Calgary will appear.”

It is easy for users to simply click a listing to find contact information. Once a new drilling contractor has been contacted you can ask for a quote for the services you would like. Once a quote has been obtained as an employer you can give your current contractor the option of matching the price. It is good to keep in mind when comparing products or services a small difference may not be worth the effort. Knowing your current provider will meet your expectations can do a lot to keep your stress levels in check. Therefore you must weigh all the factors before making a hasty decision.

If you choose to go with a new company it is always good to get some quality references. Make sure you are not paying for extras you do not need and that everything is accounted for in writing.

Take advantage of Oilfield Directory to help you streamline the process of finding oil or gas drilling services. If you are looking for competitive pricing the directory is a great place to start your search. Oilfield Directory has been helping oil and gas companies find the oil and gas services and products they need since 1996.

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