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( — April 26, 2013) Santa Fe, NM — Among the numerous decisions that women struggle with for the nine months that they are pregnant, one of the most confusing is knowing what to eat.  A proper pregnancy diet not only supports the mom’s body and all of the changes it is undergoing, but it ensures that the baby has everything it needs to grow properly while in the womb.

The problem is that with the vast amount of information and resources available and the lack of time many expecting moms have each day, where does one begin?

In November of 2011 author Julie Schoen was faced with that exact question when she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child. “I was nervous, excited, overwhelmed and overjoyed,” says Schoen, who gave birth to her son last July.  “I started investigating food and meal options, consulting other expecting moms, midwives, and learning about beliefs from around the world.”

At the end of her research, Schoen realized that the information she had collected could act as a guide for all soon-to-be moms concerned with being healthy during pregnancy while, of course, simultaneously providing the best nutrition possible for their rapidly growing babies.  Schoen’s book, Pregnancy Diet: A Mom’s Guide To A Healthy and Fit Pregnancy, covers everything from foods every expecting mom should be eating daily to recipes, pregnancy superfoods, and even bonus sections like hospital packing lists and inspirational quotes for those tough days.

“So many first-time parents worry about decorating the nursery and buying things for after the baby is born.  While that is fun and necessary, it’s important to keep in mind that the baby needs to be cared for right now as well,” explains Schoen.

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“Every mom wants to give their baby the best pregnancy diet and this is one of the most important places to start.”


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