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Dental Clinic offers online deals in Dental Health

Dental care is moving online in California. Huntington Beach Dentist Gary T. Schmidt is offering incredible deals in the form of on-line only specials through the Olive Dental Group dental clinic. For those looking for a complete dental exam at a reasonable price, Schmidt is offering a host of dental procedure on his company’s website. Visitors can receive a complete dental exam, with Check-up X-rays, and Cleaning for only $125. Schmidt is the dentist Huntington Beach can trust for great deals, great atmosphere, and a complete dental exam which will leave their teeth healthy and looking great.

Schmidt is also offering a special on Lifetime whitening for only $350. In the space of an hour, the Huntington Beach Dentist can whiten your teeth and supply you with bleaching gel with every checkup to make sure your teeth stay white throughout your life. They will also send the patient home with a complete kit to keep that smile perfectly white. This deal is currently available only on 

The Olive Dental Group knows that people are concerned and more than a little nervous coming to the dentist, which is why they believe two things: A dentist Huntington Beach can trust shouldn’t pain to either their patient or their patient’s wallet for a complete dental exam. That’s why they’ve designed their offices and trained their team to focus on the customer’s needs first, providing a healthy and clean smile that will impress without hurting the bottom line. This is the underlying philosophy behind the dental clinic, and why they are offering the exclusive online deals. 

The Olive Dental Group offers complete dental exams with a focus on conservative diagnosis, patient comfort, and exceptional care. The team of professionals working under Schmidt is devoted to patient care at their dental clinic. They offer many different dental care options and procedure, designed as much around prevention as cosmetic enhancement.

If one is, for any reason, in need of a dentist Huntington Beach’s Schmidt and his team can help. Along with the online only deals, the dental clinic offers Emergency Dental Services, Denture work, Cosmetic work, and Implant Restoration. For prevention, restoration, and cosmetic work, Schmidt offers excellent prices, a caring staff, and a relaxed atmosphere. For dental health and care at unbeatable prices, Schmidt is a dentist Huntington Beach should get to know.

So, be sure to visit to take advantage of these deals and the team of professionals at the Olive Dental Group, or visit their offices at:



6452 Bolsa Ave

Huntington Beach, CA