Gengiz Khan Conquers Tampa Like its Legend Conquered The World

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(—April  29, 2013) Tampa, FL—Gengiz Khan was known as the world’s fiercest warrior in the 12th Century where he was raised as a child exposed to the nomadic life of Mongol tribesmen where there was much violence and territorial fighting that surrounded his upbringing.  Even with the death of his father at an early age, it was the strength of his mother that left Gengiz and his siblings with their mental and physical fortitude. 

When one views the terrain that Gengiz Khan affected as many tribal factions joined up with him as his fierce reputation travelled the lands that he traversed, it is staggering the extent of geography that was affected by his people.  The expanse ranges from the Danube River to Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, China, and Korea.  It is difficult to fathom that one leader by horseback could affect so many people at such an early period in the world’s history. 

It is this journey that correlates the Turkish food and its influence upon the world that makes it so eclectic and cross cultural in its constitution.  Gengiz Khan in Tampa is a throwback in time as well as many travel there from far reaches of the Tampa Bay area in order to share and experience a historical journey for food and ambiance that brings out the legendary feel of the original Gengiz Khan. 

Bravery is one of the standout characteristics of Turkish culture as the people are proud and very accustomed to individualistic lifestyles.  As a people that are very different to the Western cultures yet not entirely Eastern either, the Turkish people relish in this epicenter of civilization.  Its food and cuisine offer up dishes that are very much reflective of the lands that Gengiz Khan himself conquered.  Asian, Middle Eastern, and European influences culminate to show the extensive geographical reach and deep seeded roots of this grandiose culture.     

There are few other foods than Turkish food and its flavors that can rival this culinary experience.   Come celebrate and enjoy this heritage and its  great food at Gengiz Khan at (813) 805-6400    6102 S. MacDill Ave. Tampa, FL

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