How To Make Easy Money On The Internet?

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(– April 28, 2013) Dallas, TX– Since the earliest developments of the Internet back in 1958 it’s use has grown substantially. We’ve allowed the use of Internet not only into our homes but now we’ve developed technology to allow access to it at nearly any location and any time through the use of cell phones and other wireless connected advancements. According to with over 7 billion people in the world a little under 2.5 billion people actively use the Internet. That’s 35% of all people on earth and that number continues to grow! Once you have the general knowledge of how online marketing works you can then discover how to make easy money on the Internet with little yet consistent effort and you will most likely never return to your typical 9-5.

There are literally thousands of billion-dollar industries that any person with access to the Internet can tap into and start their own personal online business. Jim Griffith, head of EBay University says, “Some people have dreamed about owning their own business and have not followed through because of the investment and recourses. The Internet allows people to at least try without making a large initial investment.”

The Magic Formula To Internet Success

The first step to having online success is to have an offer and a traffic source to reach its specific market. Where most people with online business aspirations fall short is that they fail to fully understand and apply the simple formula of (offer+ targeted traffic = sales & conversions). With the thousand upon thousands of offers and traffic sources online you must do extensive research to know which ones are truly valuable. Reger Dowell, the founder of is dedicated to educating people on how to make money online and in our interview with him was quotied, “With so many scams, false advertising and get rich quick schemes going on, it could be very difficult to know what products/programs are actually profitable for your business…. That’s where we step into play.”


An example of the formula would be a person who buys websites that are ranking in the search engines for high-traffic keywords. The traffic source is the fact that the sites are already ranking and the offer must be matched to the traffic. If you having a dating offer, you must have dating keywords to acquire potential customers (traffic) that are looking specifically for that offer or product.