New Airline Business Class Upgrade Auction – For Israel Cell Phones As Well?

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( — 30, April, 2013) Tel Aviv, Israel —

Its Like Priceline for Business Class, now passengers buying cheap tickets for long-haul flights are invited to bid for an upgrade to the business class, which offers 2 metre-long beds. In addition, you also get quicker security checks, access to business class lounges and better food on your flight.

The technology powering the bidding program  has been originated  by American software creator, Plusgrade, that reports it is in negotiation with more than a few other carriers about supplying the software service. The company’s CEO, Ken Harris, told News Sources: “Everybody loves an upgrade. At this very moment there are many smiling passengers in the sky, criss-crossing the world”.

The airlines that have signed up are all aiming to fill seats that would otherwise fly empty. They want to squeeze more cash out of economy passengers, while attempting to ensure they don’t “cannibalise” earnings from existing full-fare business travellers. Therefore, the system uses even more smoke and mirrors than usual in the airline industry.

When a traveler purchases a flight ticket that is estimated to have empty business class places, he or she will be asked to bid for an upgrade. Airlines are weary of divulging the average level of winning bids for concern of establishing a “price list” that may sway existing business-class passengers to alter their flying habits. Karsten Benz, chief commercial officer of Austrian Airlines, said: “With a bit of luck a small additional charge is enough.”

Plusgrade states its central motive is “monetising premium inventory and services that would otherwise go unused”. It suggests that flight companies profit from both greater revenues and happier and more loyal passengers. But its advertising shows that not any one in the bargain basement priced thrones is entitled to to take part in the bidding. The strategy is structured to see to it that that “each passenger targeted for the opportunity and selected for an upgrade meets a host of internally prioritised goals”.

Now What If The Same Thing Happened With Cell Rentals in Israel?

Someone should get an aucton based system where we have the companies fighting for our business. If some kind of a platform was created to allow a bidding war for unused lines, may actually have people paying similar prices to what they are used to at home. Unfortunately, this does not yet exist, but hey.. if its happening with the airlines, who knows whats next in other touristic playing fields?

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What Is MiFi?

MiFi is a small and portable wireless device that gives you a permanent Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you go, thereby remaining connected to the Internet Always. Developed by Novatel, the MiFi device is also called an ‘intelligent mobile hotspot’. Normally, one has to rely on the presence of a fixed wireless router to generate a Wi-Fi cloud over a limited area around a café, campus etc. With a MiFi device in your pocket or bag, that cloud of access surrounds you everywhere you go. Moreover the Wi-Fi through the MiFi device cloud allows several persons to get connected at the same time, sharing the same connection.

MiFi works with cellular 3G networks (mainly HSPDA and EVDO) for receiving signals that allow Internet connectivity. The device then shares that connection through Wi-Fi in a radius of 10 meters (30 feet) to to a number of Wi-Fi enabled devices, which is normally limited to 5.

This brings many advantages to users, including full Internet connection (with speeds beyond 1.5 Mbps) in cars, trains, planes and even the seaside or forest – anywhere there is cellular 3G network coverage. There are a thousand and one ways to connect any Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet through a hotspot and even more reasons to do so.

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