Rachel McEneaney Voted “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach" In Toronto Ontario

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(Newswire.net — April 28th, 2013) Toronto Ontario – Rachel McEneaney Has Been Officially Named “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach” in Toronto Ontario.

The result of a most recent internet based poll by which responders were asked about to recognize the “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach” yielded what some would claim was a extremely foreseeable conclusion, Local Internet Marketing Coach and well known online marketing expert Rachel McEneaney was selected over any other recognized name in Toronto. 

The ballot and subsequently, the designation of the “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach” was introduced quickly after an rigorous discussion blossomed about just who exactly in Toronto would in reality be able to make a claim to that distinction. In an effort to maintain the poll fair to all participants, the opinion poll was conducted via the internet and the winner was chosen by marketing peers independently.

After commencing the survey, there seemed to be a strong competition for the distinction of the best “Local Internet Marketing Coach”, but after the dust settled, there was a very clear and indisputable recipient of the desired title. Promptly after the survey ended, Rachel McEneaney was declared as the recognized “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach” for Toronto, Ontario. 

Locals asked about the survey seemed to have split reactions to Rachel McEneaney ‘s making a claim of the highly sought after title, varying from sheer disbelief that one specific person could be so well-liked, to complete agreement over the selection locals had made.

Ms. McEneaney was most likely established as the “Best Local Internet Marketing Coach” by friends in large part credited to the hard work Rachel has made for local community business owners advertising and marketing strategies. As a regarded advertising and marketing consultant that focuses on businesses web-based presence and marketing strategies, making claim of the formal title was not unpredicted to a sizeable bulk of those people who took part.

After the overall results were in, Rachel McEneaney was quoted as stating “To be honest, I did not even know that there was a ballot going on at all. I’m amazed that many people are aware of my name”! 

Rachel was also overheard mentioning “I work hard making programs that deliver results, and am really excited about what I have taking place in 2013. Learning that people in Toronto have actually identified me as the Best Local Internet Marketing Coach is not just an honour, it is a privilege. Many thanks to all marketing experts that participated in the vote”. 

Rachel McEneaney can be reached at the organization by telephone at 416-848-1530.



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