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(Newswire.net — April, 30, 2013) Toronto, ON — It feels like we are standing on the middle-ground for many things technological: AI, 3D Printing, space transport, genome biology — the list goes on. I am most intrigued by the upcoming advancements in brain mapping. Obama recently announced his initiative to map the human brain, and I can only wonder what type of government and private company products and hypothesis will be presented over the next few years.

Understanding and mapping our cognitive architecture has fascinated us for centuries, but the exponential growth in research in the last ten years has been staggering. It is almost impossible to keep up, and I am feeling like I did when mobile Applications boomed; there were too many options.

A wise man (my writing mentor) once told me “It is a lot easier to keep up, than it is to catch up.” so my initiative to stay current on the progress of cognitive enhancement is to try as many products that I can get my hands on. During my most busiest time as a Journalist and Screenwriter, May and June, I plan on spending those two months out of my usual comfort zone of routine; one which is so predictable I am very enthusiastic about this challenge.

A brief background: I am fairly straight-edged. I drink socially and am not on medication for anything. I rarely drink caffeine (unless deadlines force me to) and I don’t partake in illegal substance abuse. I am very active and work out 3-5 times a week, and I used to smoke cigarettes in my teens — because I wanted to fit in.

Besides trying to better my work ethic and performance, what is my inspiration? I came across similar “experimenting” by artist Brian Lewis Saunders, where he took various drugs, mostly unprescribed, and drew self-portraits. Some of his work was beautiful and outright terrifying.

So where does a beginner begin? After weeks of research and reading online reviews (which is extremely tough to sift through the crap) I decided to go with the best brain supplements in terms of ratings: Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs. I have been familiar with this product for over a year and have friends that swear by it. My colleague dubs it one of the best nootropic stack on the market and of the line-up of nootropic supplements and pharmaceuticals I am willing to try, it has the most positive online feedback.

What is a balanced nootropic? Research suggests that designer nootropics can deliver sharper intellectual performance. Onnit Labs‘ website states: “Our Alpha Brain GPC and Huperzia Serrata contain nutrients that help your body turn up acetylcholine levels full throttle while other ingredients assist in elevating neurological components vital to remaining calm, focused, and mentally driven.”   

My motto is “I’ll try everything once.” I have enough Alpha Brain for a two week period of time and will be recording a video journal on my writing progression and importantly my mental stability.

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To buy nootropic supplements online, Try http://Onnit.com – enter the code ROGAN (yes, as in Joe Rogan the UFC announcer/comedian).

Ryan Lindsay enjoys discussions on technology and health and fitness. He is currently conducting a “Brain Candy Video Blog” where he experiments with cognitive enhancing supplements during his busiest time of the year. Reach out to Ryan on Google+


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