Only Twelve of These 100% Cotton Rag Rugs in the World

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( — April 30, 2013) Sante Fe, NM — People are clamoring for natural and organic fiber products for their home.  The rise in consciousness has people moving away from polyesters and blended, artificially made fabric for their most personal items.  Cotton, once a lowly valued fabric, is climbing the ranks as a much sought after commodity.  People want 100% cotton because it is durable, nontoxic, natural and because it is a renewable resource.

Not only are people looking for cotton, they are looking for companies that have business practices and missions that are good for the planet.  Folks are putting their money where their values lie and the world is changing because of this wave of aware and informed buyers. 

Prairie Rugs is one such company that has created quite a niche for itself.  Working with a small micro industry in India, Prairie Rugs has created a line of world class, 100% rag rugs that are that some of the best-made rugs of this type on the planet.

So much care has been given to every aspect of the weaving of these rugs. These cotton area rugs are made from recycled rags acquired form textile mills that were intended for the bedding industry.  The rags are sorted and only the highest quality cotton is used.  They are then washed with a biodegradable soap and then dyed with low-impact organic dyes.  They are triple-washed in fresh water insuring that the dyes will not transfer and then dried in the sun.  Each Rug is woven by hand using cotton warp thread that is extremely strong and is the same thread used in high-end hand-knotted oriental rugs.

There is no gas or electricity used to make the rugs.  Coal is used to heat the fire pots for dying and the rags are dried in the sun. Manual looms are used and each rug is woven by hand. The residual dye water, because it is organic based dyes is used to water crops in the area. 

The company takes care of the workers as well and they are provided above average wages and health care for their families.  There is NO children hired in the making of the rugs, and time off is always given to the workers for the celebration of their holidays.

Now this is a lot of education about what goes into the making of these rag rugs to produce a product that is beautiful, and durable. 

One particular rag rug was made, a striped rug in Desert, Coffee and Olive. Colors. And there are only 12 of them in the entire world.  These 5×8 rugs rugs are being released for sale online and are now available to the public. 

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