New Shrink Wrap Machine Install Reports Greater than Expected Cost Savings

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( — April 29, 2013) Toronto, ON — In a recent post on the Crawford Provincial Packaging Solution blog, titled “Shrink Wrap System Provides Immediate Return on Investment” posting author Sam Capson, told of a recent Shanklin Triumph TR2 Shrink Wrap Machine installation and how it delivered greater than expected cost savings and efficiencies.

The client was described as a very large packing facility that had been “struggling with older equipment in a very demanding atmosphere with a high seasonal temporary work force.”

By replacing the old shrink equipment with the new TR2 shrink wrapping system and tunnel, Mr. Capson described client gains as “We were also able to reduce the film size by 2 inches which instantly created a cost savings and higher run speeds. The higher run speeds means higher volumes in less time to achieve production goals.”

Faster Return On Investment (ROI) and greater than expected cost savings were discovered for all.  To this point, Sam Capson wrote:

“The surprise to us and the customer was the fact that with the style of flighted infeed, coupled with the new shrink wrapper, we were effectively able to remove glue dotting of the products within the bulk pack and still achieve a successful package with no product skewing.”

shrink wrap machine and tunnel

The blog author elaborated, stating “Once the production manager realized this was feasible and repeatable, he went off to crunch some numbers. What he found was with the cost savings of removing the process of labour and material to install the glue dots, the input savings of this one project pays more than the cost for the new shrink system in a matter of months.”

The final point that really drives home the client recognition of their huge cost saving success was when Mr. Capson pointed out “The production manager is now considering adding a second system to his facility.”

Considering the great success achieved in this install story, it is clear great cost saving gains can be in store for other packaging operations that keep up with technology and innovation.

For more information on this shrink wrap equipment installation story see the original Crawford Provincial Packaging Solution Blog Post titled: “Shrink Wrap System Provides Immediate Return on Investment” by Sam Capson (blog URL

The Crawford Provincial Packaging Equipment Division has more information on the shrink packaging equipment described in this installation story as well as other packaging solution systems. For specific product information about the New Shanklin Shrink Wrap Machine with Shrink Tunnel and a listing of other new Shrink Wrap Machine systems for various applications visit: and browse the shrink wrap equipment systems product category.



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