How Roofers Marketing With Social Media Can Get Positive Online Reviews

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( — April 29, 2013) Sioux Falls, SD.— Roofers Marketing has published a guide to help roofers learn about online marketing basics such as online reviews.

Whether you want them to or not, your customers are reviewing your services online.  Professionals reviewing your business are a thing of the past, and nowadays everyone who uses your services is a critic.  In fact, you probably already have reviews out there. Now you just have to focus on keeping them positive.

Jimmy Morrow, marketing expert at Roofers Marketing says, “The good news is that reviews can actually work to your benefit.  In fact, most online searchers prefer to hire a contractor that has been reviewed online.  It adds one more layer of legitimacy and credibility to your business. It is very important to ask for reviews.”  Additionally, your reviews provide more backlinks and increase your chances of being found online.  These positive reviews will not only provide potential customers with information about your business, but they are actually proven to generate new leads, increase your profits, and convert more searchers to buyers.

What If You Have Bad Reviews?

You can’t please everyone, and bad reviews are inevitable.  For most roofers though, the positive reviews outnumber the bad.  You must view these reviews like a suggestion box. You can take your customer’s ideas, comments, and critiques and respond or act upon in any manner you like.

This Guide for Roofers Marketing is a good start to learning more.

Responding To Reviews

Stop wasting time worrying about what people might say, and consider reviews as free advertising.  In any review, you basically have three options:

1.   Don’t respond at all.  You always have a choice. 

2.  Only respond to positive reviews.  Remember that you should respond to some of your reviews so choose which ones you do reply to wisely.  Remember that these people took the time to give a positive review, and some will expect a thank you; others would still be thrilled to get a thank you, so either way you win.  Never forget that there is an audience of potential customers reading and watching how you respond.  Don’t miss a chance to increase your trust and credibility.  Don’t waste your time arguing with a customer that hurts your feelings.  The customer isn’t always right, but it’s not your job to prove them wrong.

3.      Respond to negative reviews, this can be publicly or privately.  A negative review will always evoke feelings of anger or hurt, but you can’t take it personally.  No matter how negative a review is, you can always find a way to respond that is helpful and positive.  If you can find a solution to the problem, state it publicly so that potential customers see that you can overcome obstacles and value customer service.  Even if the comment is just flat out wrong, you should still at least acknowledge your customers’ feelings.  Apologize and offer your explanation, and of course always invite them back!

 Remember, prospective customers are judging you by how you respond.  Always choose words and actions that show that you are a professional and use all reviews as a chance to build your reputation as such.  Customers generally just want to see that you value their business and opinions.

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