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  —  A new video review and informative article from details the good bacteria in food.  The author discusses how

 good bacteria in food


supports healthy digestive and immune systems and supports weight loss.

Detailing the many benefits of good bacteria, the article informs readers that when the digestive system is in working properly, simple issues such as constipation, bloating, allergies, and high blood pressure can be avoided. Ensuring enough good bacteria in the diet also supports the immune system in warding off the effects of colds and flu.

Including the probiotics  found in several foods promotes a healthy balance of good to bad bacteria, currently recommended at a ratio of 9:1.  

The video describes several foods to ensure the right number of good bacteria in the digestive system.  Some of the good bacteria foods recommended to keep the balance of good and bad bacteria at the correct levels include kefir, yogurt and even apples.

The author recommends including high-quality probiotic supplements to provide significant amounts of probiotics, promoting bowel regularity, reducing intestinal  inflammation, and repairing gluten-damaged intestinal lining, all while accelerating fat loss.  BioTrust’s Pro-X10 probiotic supplement provides three unique strains of probiotics, not found in most other supplements, these include Bifidobacterium lactis,Lactobacillus salivarius and S. boulardii

Inadequate probiotic levels in the digestive tract has been linked to over 170 diseases and health issues, including obesity and unwanted weight gain.

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