The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Is This the Death of the iPhone

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( — April 30, 2013) Las Vegas, NV — Has the release of Samsungs Galaxy S4 this weekend has heralded in a new standard of Smartphone’s.  People will always have their favourites but right now there are only three phones on the market that are a standout: Samsungs Galaxy S4, Apples iPhone 5 and HTC’s One.

Apple has led the way over recent years setting the standard while every other phone company has been playing catch-up. Now, combined with the Android operating system, the smart phone market is no longer the dominion of Apple’s iPhones alone. Android now has 61% of the OS Market Share making it the most popular OS compared to Apple’s iOS sitting at just 17%. However, developers still prefer the simplicity of iOS when developing new apps and pushing them out to customers.

The iPhone does have it over the Galaxy S4 when it comes to looks and feel. Plastic, what was Samsung thinking. Both the iPhone 5 and HTC One have it over the Galaxy 4 when it comes to how it is made. All feel different and sit in the hand differently with the iPhone 5 and HTC One looking and feeling like the better made phone. The HTC One is a beautiful looking phone and the manufacturers have taken their time here.

How big is too big, sometimes, size does matter. Samsung’s S4 and the HTC One both have a 5.0″ display v’s iPhone’s 4″ display. This is going down to personal preference. A bigger screen means bigger everything. The larger screens gives the user a far better experience when browsing and watching videos or playing games. It’s easier for those that have big fingers but harder for those who have little pockets and purses. 

All three phone processors are fast and are very different.  Comparing them side by side is difficult. The Galaxy S4 does have it over HTC One in this department and the browsing experience will again come down to personal preference. Importantly, both the Galaxy S4 and HTC browsers allows for Adobe Flash giving users the full web experience. Apple will need to address this with it’s next iPhone release.

Cameras and video. The Samsung S4 has a whopping 13mp camera and full HD Video leaving the iPhone and HTC trying to catch up with their smaller cameras. Samsung have provided users with a large range of camera functions that one would expect from an expensive digital camera. All phones provide full HD video and there is little real difference for the user to notice in the video department.

All the phones appeal to the geek in everyone. Samsung has really pulled out all stops to appeal to the geek with some really cool functions like the Smart Stay function and Air View and Air Gesture. These functions hint at science fiction soon becoming science fact, very exciting!

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 doesn’t equal the hardware design of the iPhone 5 or the HTC One but the software leaves them all running to catch up. The wizards at Apple will have to pull out something magic with it’s next release of the iPhone or they may find that the Apple iPhone has fallen from the top of the Smartphone apple tree.

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