Most Businesses Waste Half the Money They Spend on Advertising

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( April 30, 3013) Tampa, Florida — When it comes to advertising, John Wanamaker who is credited as being the creator of the department store concept is attributed to having made the following famous quote…

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”.

After studying John Wanamaker’s marketing techniques as part of my 4 decades long thirst to constantly increase my marketing talents… I realized that a large proportion of the clients coming to me for consulting had the same problem as Mr. Wanamaker. They also wasted half the money they spent on advertising but didn’t know which half.

They advertised in many different sources including: newspapers, magazines, trade shows, local flyers, radio, coupon mailing packs, Yellow Pages, billboards, press releases, direct mail, and so much more. They also advertised on the Internet, which included: websites, email campaigns, Craigs list, Facebook, other social media, Google, YouTube, pay per click advertising, directories, investing money in search engine optimization, banner advertising, and so much more.

Some of these methods were successful in varying degrees and some of these methods failed to produce leads in varying degrees. Clients really had no way of absolutely accurately knowing which was working in which was failing.

So we developed a division of my company called “track my leads”.

We were then quickly able to pinpoint exactly where each lead was coming from. Which advertising source was working well and which advertising was not worth the money being spent on it.

With that pinpoint knowledge, we took the money away from the advertising sources that were not working well. And we added it to the advertising sources that were working well.

The resulting advertising ROI skyrocketed… as well did the resulting increase in lead flow.

Here is how “track my leads” works…

Individual unique phone numbers are placed on each individual advertisement or lead source… each: website, each individual directory ad, AdWords, magazine & newspaper ads, calls produced from SEO, YouTube videos, internet advertising, offline advertising, each article, etc.

By tracking the original phone number that into the clients main number, we instantly know exactly which lead source triggered that specific call.

All the numbers route calls seamlessly right into, and ring, my clients main number (or any number they desire). Calls can be set up to ring on my clients main number and cell # at the same time (or sequentially) and simultaneously, or sequentially, ring all other numbers they desire.

If a client has a sales force when a lead comes in it can be programed to ring all the sales reps phones at the same time. The first sales rep that picks up the call gets it and the other sales people are frozen out. It can also ring several numbers sequentially if the previous number did not answer. It can route calls coming from specific area codes to specific sales reps. It can route calls coming from different lead sources to specific sales reps. It can even distribute lead calls sequentially to each sales rep or give some more calls than others.

All calls are automatically recorded so the client can monitor how his office & sales staff handles calls. This feature can be turned off for any specific client if they desire.

“Track my leads” provides each client with a list of calls broken down by lead source with full caller ID… and the time length of each call.

It has so many more features.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR – For the past 30 years Leonard Friedman has been a top ranked marketing, sales, branding, & business development consultant. Over those 30 years Mr. Friedman has helped over 1,000 of his clients become the #1 dominant and most successful company for their niche in their market. He has produced multimillions of dollars annually for many of his (online & offline) clients from tiny start-ups to decades old mega companies in every industry imaginable.

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