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( — 1 May, 2013) Boston, MA — released another article discussing recent findings of how using probiotic supplements and making sure the body has a good balance of them can help with providing relief from some of the many annoying and uncomfortable side effects of colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease where open sores can form along the walls of the intestines and other areas.

The author from talks about how good bacteria is naturally found within the digestive system to help balance against the bad and how it is found naturally in foods like yogurts and kefir, along with probiotic supplements.

The article also details the search, by doctors, for the reason colitis happens and how that process helped them stumble across the discovery of probiotics and that they can help ease the symptoms. Harmful bacteria stick to the digestive wall lining and cause the inflammation.

The digestive system is closely linked to the immune system so when colitis appears, the immune system becomes compromised. The author of the article explains the link between colitis and bacteria and how scientists have used this discovery to help further their research.

Doctors have now found that the ratio of 85:15 between good and bad bacteria is the best for perfect digestive health. They now recommend people consume 10 to 25 billion probiotic units every day.

For more information about colitis, its treatments and probiotics, read the full article at was recently launched in March 2013 and is a website dedicated to offering details about the intestinal and digestive health and the importance of maintaining a balance between the good and bad bacteria to help fight off the majority of illnesses and infections. Some of the more recent topics include cancer treatments, probiotics for womens health, how probiotics have helped improve the health of the colon and gut and the connection between probiotics, diabetes and IBS that is stress-induced, along with many other informative articles.

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