Bicycle Accidents, Cycling-Related Crashes Surge As Summer Approaches

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( — May 1, 2013) — As the ever-increasing number of cyclists gear up for summer across the country, cities like New York and Los Angles are trying desperately to keep riders safe and alive. New bike safety laws and awareness efforts continue to grow across the US, but the best preventative measure, many say, is to lighten up. Laws may vary from state to state, it’s important for cyclists to know the specific vehicle codes in their area. For example If you live in CA you have to know the bicycle safety laws in California.

In New York, the environmental group “Time’s Up” is collecting online living wills from cyclists and pedestrians to advocate for safer streets.  “We really just want New Yorkers to wake up to traffic violence,” Keegan Stephen, a volunteer at Time’s Up explained.

According to the most recent US Bureau of Transportation NHTSA published traffic statistics, over 52,000 bicyclists are injured in collisions with motor vehicles each year – over 610 of those are fatal. That’s over 140 bicycle accidents and 2 cyclist deaths each day, a majority in the summer months when cyclists and motorists are both more active. About 18% (or about 9,000) of the cyclists who were injured were children age 14 and younger.

In Los Angeles, the annual CicLAvia event kicked off with a press conference by LA Mayor Villaraigosa, highlighting a new bill that proposes a minimum three-foot barrier for all motorists passing bicycles on California streets. Assembly Member Stephen Bradford (D-Gardena), who announced the “Three Feet For Safety Act” bill last week, echoed Stephen’s sentiments. “Bicycles have as much right as anyone to use the public streets,” said Bradford, “everyone needs to share the road, and cyclists deserve legal protection to ensure their safety.” 

Steps to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, many having witnessed bicycle accidents first-hand, cannot come soon enough. Although projects like those taking place in New York and Los Angeles are growing across the US, they still take time and energy to implement. Luckily, cyclists and pedestrians already have access to tools that will help keep them safe and seen on the road. The number one safety tip for all cyclists and pedestrians is very simple: BE SEEN. And the most effective way to be seen is with a road/commuter LED bicycle light. These lights are designed primarily to make the cyclist visible to other road users. And bicycle lights are not reserved for night riding or bad weather. Using the strobe setting on a bicycle light during the day is just as important.  “The logic is simple,” says John Duggan, a Seattle-based bicycle accident attorney,  “while daytime use of such lights  does not help a [cyclist] see any better, it dramatically increases the cyclist’s visibility to others.” 

Duggan has seen his fair share of bicycle accidents. He gets calls at least four times per week from people who have been hit by cars. “In almost all of these cases, the cars are not aware of the cyclist or they misjudge the bicyclist’s speed,” Duggan states, “using one of these inexpensive LED strobes during the day is the simplest and maybe the most effective thing you can do to increase your visibility during the daylight areas.”  A high intensity red light that flashes to attract motorists’ attention is one of the best safety measures that a pedestrian or cyclist can use, day or night.

Finding the right bicycle light can be tricky. Factors such as battery life, weight, direct and side visibility all need to be considered. BikeGearz Products has released their new high intensity red five LED Bicycle Safety Light just in time for spring and summer cycling. 

BikeGearz Marketing Manager Georgette Thorsnes said “We have personally tested these new LED bicycle lights with all of these factors in mind, making our lights perfect for all cyclists. These small devices cost less than $20, can be attached to most bike frames or clipped onto a shirt, jacket, or belt buckle.” She added “BikeGearz LED bicycle lights have 7 settings, including flash and strobe for daylight hours. LED’s last for over 50,000 hours and can run off of 2 small AAA batteries for weeks, even months. The high intensity LED’s are visible up to half a mile away, even in bad weather.”  The BikeGearz 5 LED flashing bike tail light is now on sale at a specially discounted price at

A small investment now can save a life later. The BikeGearz team hopes everyone will “lighten up” this summer. Be seen no matter what. Always wear a flashing LED bicycle light around motor vehicles, whether sharing the road or just the sidewalk.

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