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( — May 2, 2013) Orlando, FL — Kendrick Orthodondics, located in Orlando and Hunter’s Creek, educates the masses about what people really need to know about getting fitted for and installing braces on their teeth.  The diagnosis equipment that has availed itself over past ten years has revolutionized the way that braces are fitted and the way that patients can stay informed throughout the process.  Orthodontists can effectively communicate with their patients and let them know what they should expect and exactly why they are being fitted for the specific braces. 

There is a lot more to fitting braces than just an analysis of crooked teeth.  Now, orthodontists can look deeper at the shape of the jaw and the interaction of the muscles that control the jaws and create other by product results that cause grinding and/ or teeth misalignment.  Air flow and breathing habits are also a large part of how the teeth interface and are impacted.  This can be identified through the imaging equipment also. 

Communication in any industry is vital and here where there is already a time and expense commitment, the ability to articulate each and every step to the patient, makes the journey so much more palatable.  One size does not fit all when it comes to prescribing braces.  With all of the nuances that affect teeth, bite, and jaw misalignment, the orthodontist is now armed with intelligent machinery that makes everybody’s job easier. 

Less invasive methods of extracting information from the client’s mouth and other areas that are critical to oral hygiene and dental care can only be good news for the orthodontic industry.

Kendrick Orthodontics services areas or Kissimmee, Sebring, Poinciana, Davenport, St. Cloud, Orlando, and Hunter’s Creek.  With a large population existing in the Orlando region, many Disney employees and executives come there to handle their orthodontic needs.  For more technological information regarding braces, contact Kendrick Orthodontics  3280 Greenwald Way North,  Kissimmee, FL 34741  (407) 870-9848

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