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( —  May 3, 2013) Kailua-Kona, HI — To own a franchise can be the perfect way to earn good money. This is because most franchises have worked hard to build a reputation for themselves, and have a loyal customer base because of the credibility they hold to their name. For any businessman who wants to own a franchise, it is important to first know which ones are lucrative businesses, and will offer the best returns on investments. Author David Lelm talks about the Top 10 Franchises in the United States of America, so that readers can narrow down their options. Read his informational article here that discusses the Top 10 Franchises.

Owning a successful franchise requires a unique entrepreneurial spirit, something no one understands better than David Lelm. He gives his readers a true insight in to what goes in to being a part of the top 10 franchises in the world;  starting from costs of starting a franchise and how long it is going to take one to get a return on investment, because these are very important factors to consider. David lives in Kailua Kona, Hawaii and is a former Maaco franchise owner, so his advice comes from experience that he has earned over 45 years of professional life in the Collision Repair Industry and he owes his recent successes to the Empower Network business, of which he is a part. As an author David Lelm has compiled a book called Ultimate Lifestyle Business, in which he explains how to build a wildly profitable internet business and have an amazing life at the same time.

“I have listed the top 10 franchises in the USA, based on their success and their revenues generated. When someone wants to buy a franchise, the goal is to become his or her own boss, and that means not having to slave for over 60 hours a week to make ends meet. What I have done is try to educate people on how they can use a simple 3 step formula that helps to buy a successful franchise and still manage to spend quality time with their family”, says Mr. Lelm.

In the present day and age, franchises are brewing out from every corner of the United States and emerging out of a cluster of such budding businesses requires a large capital investment as well as strong market presence. While David’s article in Top 10 Franchises is an eye opener for those wondering which franchise business will be the best for them, his book throws light on how ordinary people can run a successful business, market themselves and still make time to live a good life. David is giving away his new book titled “Ultimate Lifestyle Business” for a limited time period. Get access to the book at

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