Big Blue Band: Announces New Trash Can Rubber Band

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( — May, 2, 2013) Rock Hill, SC — Web Werks is proud to announce the launch of their first product, Big Blue Band, now available from the commerce site Amazon. Big Blue Band is a large, trash can rubber band, 17 inches long, durably designed to fit around trash cans up to 56 gallons in size to firmly hold trash can liners in place.

Web Werks believes Big Blue Band fits a small to medium sized business market niche overlooked by most other products. The company thinks that even though Big Blue Band is an industrial sized rubber band fully 17 inches long and ¼ inch wide many small businesses don’t want to spend a large portion of their office supply funds on a giant box of rubber bands that may sit around for years. Big Blue Band is package to hold only 10 large trash can rubber bands.

Minimal packaging is another aspect Web Werks believes will appeal to the small to medium business since packaging costs are kept to a minimum the price for Big Blue Band is less than other competitors. Durability is another aspect Web Werks thinks works in their favor as these trash can rubber bands can be used multiple times often for months at a time even in outdoor situations where the rubber band is being subjected to weathering from the sun, wind and rain.

Todd Massey, owner of Web Werks says, “The reusability of the trash can rubber bands is important for small business owners and helps them to save even more money over the already low cost of Big Blue Band.”

Web Werks is branching out into physical product sales after having been selling digital products for several years. Big Blue Band is available now for sale at Amazon




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