The "Best Web Design Service In Tampa" Awarded to Web Design Tampa Pros

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( — May 23, 2013) Tampa, Florida Web Design Tampa Pros Was Just Recognized As the “Best Web Design Company” In The Tampa Area.

The award was provided by a marketing expert who conducted an internet survey in which local web design companies were asked to choose the “Best Web Design Tampa Company” in Tampa, FL. 

While it was common for the firms to respond that they were the best, the marketing expert asked them about SEO response rates, and after the comparison selected Web Design Tampa Pros because the firm not only had ultra-attractive designs, but was the most effective in obtaining SEO response.

A spokesman at the web design Tampa firm said he was deeply honored by the designation from the marketing expert, and suggested that the reason they were so good was the highly successful SEO expert who tweaked every site to gain the best ranking results.

The spokesman said, “We are so fortunate to have such high calibre SEO expert involved with our service, which means that our clients can benefit greatly from his work.

The Web Design Tampa spokesman, when asked why their response rates were the best said, “Text still remains the most important part of any website even today, even more important than fancy graphics and multimedia. While Google test bots does rank some videos and media higher than others for certain keywords, well-formatted and content-rich websites always get the highest ranking. Unfortunately, the less experienced designers at the other firms usually focus on too much graphics and multimedia, which then hurts their rankings.”

As part of their service, Web Design Tampa Pros will evaluate how the site performs when all the graphics and multimedia JavaScript is turned off. They look to see if the logo shows up as text, if  the navigation is working correctly, if the main content of the web page is showing up right after the navigation, and if the content formats correctly.

The basic idea is to make sure the main content that is measured by the Google crawlers comes to the top as early as possible with the relevant titles and descriptions in place.

According to the marketing expert, very few web design firms take this extra step to optimize their sites in this fashion, which is hands-down the reason Web Design Tampa Pros services are ranked the best.

The spokesman added, “The other main reason we were chosen as the best by the marketing expert is because Google has long noted the size and the average load times of pages. This goes into the ranking algorithm, and does affect a sites position in the search engine results page. It’s important to have good content on the website, but if the pages load slowly, Google is going to be wary of ranking the site higher than other websites that load faster.

We make every effort to ensure fast load times to get the best results. The marketing expert said we were doing the best practices to get the best results.”

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