Better Health, Cleanse your Body of Chlorinated Water Toxins

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia — A health e-Book to be launched this week outlines the ways to get rid of harmful chlorine by-products from the body, after one adopts a new water purification process and stops using chlorinated water.

This health e-Book lists ways to remove harmful substances from the body resulting from use of chlorinated water and attain better health.

Eating a healthy diet. The author stresses the fact that people are what they eat and their physical health depends on what they put into their mouth. Their body processes are affected by the food that comprises their diet. Some foods increase the acidity level of the body while others lower it down. Eating the right food that would result to a balance PH level is the best way to maintain better health.

The author also advises readers to grow their own vegetables to ensure that they are eating food free from contaminants. Chemicals applied to plants are also absorbed by them and when people consume these plants, they also ingest the harmful substances as well.

“To avoid disease and to repair its damage, the human body requires the correct nutrients and elements; even organic grown foods are short of the required minerals and nutrients needed by human because of the production methods used. In 1936 it was stated in American farming reports that the soil can no longer supply the required minerals and elements humans require to function at optimum. All countries have reported similar results; currently the soils have been reduced to approximately a quarter of the prior 1900 ability to supply sufficient minerals and vitamins. It should also be noted that the current growing and picking methods requires them to be picked before they are ready, and transporting them right away so that they are still fresh when they reach the market. This green for transportation idea, pretty well insures that minimal benefit in food intake is guaranteed,” the author states.

In this e-Book, “Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder” the author expresses his doubts about the use of most mineral supplements. As he stated, his research did not give him any reason to believe that the average supplement contribute to better health, his research in fact showed that over 85% of the recommended products where useless and no benefit .

“Eating fresh organic vegetables that help normalize PH level is best in gaining better health,” the e-Book further emphasized.

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