Chlorinated Water Creates Grave Men Health Issues

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia. — The author of the eBook  accuses governments of genocidal acts by promoting the use of chlorinated water, despite tangible scientific proofs that it is of great threat to most if not all health conditions.

In his book, Dr. Kiss denounced the acts of several governments involving treatment of water supplies with chlorine. According to the author, chlorine has been known to cause a lot of problems on men health and yet, its use has never ordered to be discontinued.

“There were already thousands of reported deaths that are considered directly caused by chlorinated water but still, its use has never banned. It seems that the governments do not care whether people get sick or die from continually using this harmful substance called chlorine,” stated the author.

Presented in this e-Book are the dangers of prolonged use of chlorinated water. What is worse is that the greatest damage does not come from drinking water treated with chlorine. As discovered by scientists, inhaling chloroform , a by-product of chlorine and absorption through the skin pores while taking a bath, showering, swimming in a pool filled with chlorinated water,  washing dishes and washing clothes,  pose a far more serious problem than drinking it.

“When the chlorinated water is drunk, the kidney can cleanse it to a degree before it is used by the body,” stated Dr. Kiss. the author of the book “Natural Death or Premeditated Murder. “However, when it is inhaled or absorbed through the skin, it is never cleansed and it enters the body, along with all the by-products at far greater rates that could easily destroy men health,” he added.

Several studies have shown that carcinogenic chloroform can easily spread within a wide area, considering that it is in gaseous form.  The fume can affect all people in the house and expose them to its ill effects on men health.

One remarkable study was the effect of drinking chlorinated water following ingestion of dairy products, especially milk. When you use plain water to wash a container of milk, milk residue is carried by it and the surface where the milk was looked clean. However, when chlorinated water is used, some residue is left and would later harden and form plaques. This helps clog the arteries, prevent smooth flow of blood and can result in stroke, which is generally deadly.

Dr. Kiss cited another study where swimmers in a pool with chlorinated water were studied. After the swimmer stayed in the water for a few hours, they were tested and results showed that the level of THMs, which are harmful by-products of chlorine, increased significantly. This shows how chlorinated water can destroy men health.

“I believe that now is well past the time for people to seek alternatives for water purification. They should not allow this premeditated murder to go on, and consider these deaths as naturally caused.”

More revelations are contained in Dr. Kiss’s -Book, which will launched soon.

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