Chlorinated Water Linked to Poor Health & Ageing

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia — An e-Book to be released this week likens the use of chlorinated water by majority of the world’s populace, especially those living in highly-industrialized urban centres as a form of mass suicide. It is shocking and puzzling how mankind appears to be ignorant of the deadly long-term effects of ingesting chlorine, inhaling chloroform, and absorbing chlorine by-products through the skin. People feel safe because they smell chlorine in their water, which proves that it is free from germs, not knowing that it is now contaminated with chemicals that destroy their physical health & ageing them well before their time.

In this book, the author cites several published studies and researches by scientists considered as authorities in the field, which reveals how continuous use of water treated with chlorine creates havoc in our health & ageing processes, plus increases the risk factors of untimely and painful death.

Based on this book, “ Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder” chlorine by-products alter the PH level, increasing the level of acidity that denies us a healthy life. For humans, the neutral PH level is 7.0 to 7.5. High or low acidity could make a person prone to infection while people with a balance PH experience a full natural cycle of health & ageing.

To support his claims, the author cited Dr. J.M. Price of the SAGINAW Hospital who called chlorine a major killer. He also pointed out that cases of obesity, heart conditions and cancer started to go up in the 1940’s, when chlorinated water was used to prevent the incidence of illnesses caused by water-borne pathogens, especially cholera.

In addition, the author stated that since most people continue to use chlorinated water despite information campaign’s pertaining to the dangers of ingesting chlorine, it seems that people are either not being informed by authorities as to the truth, or they have no interest in their health & ageing processes.

“With more people flocking to the cities and relying on chlorinated water for all their cooking, cleaning, bathing and dinking needs, we are facing an era of too many people suffering from deadly chlorine-caused diseases,” the author added. “Using chlorinated water despite the dangers it present is tantamount to mass genocide”.

Discussed in the e-Book are possible solutions to the problem, which are as follows:

• using a different method of purifying water like the use of filters.

• boiling chlorine treated water and allowing it to cool down before using.

• finding natural sources of clean water to eliminate dependence on chlorinated water.

For people who have been using chlorinated water for long, there are ways to remove the chlorine residues that destroy heath & ageing processes, some of these are also discussed, the author states “one method discussed in depth is information on how to use meditation to heal a yourself.”

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