Environmental Health Experts Connect Asthma to Chloroform Levels In Homes

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(Newswire.net — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia. — Experts have attributed asthma to inhalation of chloroform and other gaseous by-products of chlorine. This was one strong statement made by the author of a health e-Book that focused on the effects of chlorinated water to physical and environmental health.

The U.S. EPA, the leading health regulatory agency in the United States, has stated “that every household in America on a chlorinated water system has a highly elevated level of chloroform gas in their indoor air. This elevated level is directly attributable to showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and flushing toilets with chlorinated water.”

As mentioned in the e-Book, “Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder” every time a household member opens a faucet or any water source, chloroform goes out and spreads through the air, filling the house with toxic gas that can cause or trigger asthma, and other respiratory infections. The gas can be absorbed by the skin, bombarding the insides of the body with a chlorine by-product, and affects the environmental health of our homes.

To support his claims about the toxicity of chlorine, the author cited a study conducted by Dr. Simone Carbonnelle of the industrial toxicology and occupational medicine unit at the Catholic University of Louvain. Dr. Carbonelle’s study involved 226 healthy school children with an average age of 10. The study participants were monitored to determine how much time they spent around swimming pools and how that amount of time affected the condition of their lung tissue. The results of the study were quite conclusive and showcased further evidence for the link between harmful THMs, chlorination by-products, and asthma symptoms.

In her study, Dr.Carbonnelle exposed the children to air around the school’s swimming pool for an average of just over fifteen minutes per day to monitor various effects of the environmental health on children. After analyzing the study results, she found levels of lung tissue damage in the children that were directly proportional to the amount of time the children spent around the pool.

In some study participants, Dr.Carbonnelle was shocked to find levels of tissue damage that were similar to what she would expect to find in a heavy smoker.

Concluding her study, Dr.Carbonnelle explained, “These findings suggest that the increasing exposure to chlorine-based disinfectants used in swimming pools, and their byproducts, might be an unsuspected risk factor in the rising incidence of childhood asthma and allergic diseases.”

Other researchers have found that the environmental health of areas around swimming pools exceeds that in the average home by at least three hundred percent “300%”, making the environmental health in such areas only one 1 quarter as dangerous as our homes. The dangerous chemicals to which Dr.Carbonnelle was referring are the same THMs and Chloramines, people are exposed to in their homes every day, due to showering, washing clothes, washing dishes, flushing toilets, and running the tap, destroying the environmental health of their homes.

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