Major Health Problems Like Cancer Linked to Chlorinated Water

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia — Discussing in detail how chlorinated water affects humans, this e-Book tells readers how using chlorinated affects their health and is the triggering cause many of our health problems, most of which can be are fatal. The illnesses that can be triggered by the presence of chlorine in the water that we use for bathing and drinking range from heart diseases to cancer and beyond.

Although treating water with chlorine had eradicated cholera, an illness caused by contaminated water. The author points out the fact that the continuous usage and ingestion of water treated with chlorine is considered the cause of many modern-day health problems. The e-Book  contains the results of many studies both conducted in the past and in the present, which revealed that chlorinated water is a major contributor to the rising incidence of heart ailments, respiratory tract ailments as well as many types of cancers and diseases.

In the course of his discussion, the author cited Dr. James Price, who wrote a book entitled “Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine.” This book, which was written in the 1960s, asserted that chlorine has eradicated one epidemic only to bring forth several such as heart attacks and strokes. To prove his point, Dr. Price conducted an experiment with chickens. He gave the first group water that was treated with chlorine to drink, while the other group was given untreated water.

It appeared that those given untreated water were majorly healthier than those that were made to drink chlorinated water. The author’s point is that while humans try to protect themselves from water-borne pathogens, they have exposed themselves to a far graver threat to their lives, more serious and more difficult to treat health problems.

The e-Book “Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder“ also discusses how chlorinated water harms humans. As the author stated, taking a shower or bathing using chlorinated water is a present danger. The skin absorbs water, along with the chemicals produced by chlorine when it comes into contact with other elements in the body. The water also releases fumes containing chloroform, which is chlorine in gas form. Drinking chlorinated water brings into the internal organs high doses of chlorine.

The author recommends several ways to prevent health problems caused by chlorine in the water that is used in household purposes, for cleaning and for drinking. Perhaps, because no immediate ill effects were noticed at that time, people continued its use.

However, with the findings of multiple studies that link chlorine with many fatal health problems, it is high time now to look for other ways of purifying water without using chlorine. For those who have been using chlorinated water for long, the author suggests some activities that will help release chlorine from the body such as filtration, diet, exercise and meditation.

These inexpensive and personalized methods of freeing one’s self from the effects of chlorinated water can be read in the e-Book.

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