Chlorine Destroys Women s Health Causing Life-Threatening Diseases

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia.– Chorine, considered the cheapest among all water disinfectants, is now considered a threat to man’s life, especially on women’s health. This is the findings of Dr. Kiss in his e-Book,  he decries the fact that governments all over the world continued to promote the use of chlorine despite its life-threatening features.

Several studies conducted in the United States and in Europe have shown results that point out chlorinated water is a great danger to women s health. One study showed that showering or bathing in hot chlorinated water bombards the human body with chlorine by-products that affect production of radicals, the PH level of the body, and produce carcinogenic substance that can cause breast cancer, cancer of the bladder, cancer of the rectum, severe urinary tract infections, hardening and clogging of the arteries and destruction of respiratory organs.

In the case of women, it is women’s habit to have long hot showers and baths, but if the water used is chlorinated, this activity poses a grave threat on women s health. Breast cancer patients were found to have excessive THMs in their tissues, which are produced when chlorine reacts with other substances in the water and in the body. Studies show that long exposure to chlorine and chlorinated water will not only cause cancer but also abortions, still births or defective babies.

“In the two years that I pursued the study of the ill-effects of chlorinated water consumption, I have compiled hundreds of documents that are verifiable as proof that chlorine is a silent killer,” Dr. Kiss author of the e-Book stated.“Natural Death or Premeditated Murder.” “It is also a far greater hazard to women s health in particular, as the propagator of the species.

Dr. Kiss, an avid supporter of natural medicine and other health-related causes compiled study results from all over the world and from reliable sources, most of whom are medical practitioners and workers. “I compared all the findings and come to realize that the link between many diseases and use of chlorine to disinfect water supply is extremely strong,” he added.

The e-Book that Dr. Kiss wrote does not only present the problem, which is the rising incidence of deadly diseases, but also give people some alternative solutions. These solutions are described in detail and have been tested and proven by the author himself.

Dr. Kiss strongly advises the general public to start changing the methods that they utilize in treating their water. “In some states like Nevada and countries like France”, use of chlorinated water has been minimized. People now use ozone treatment, which does not create dangerous by-products, or oxygen peroxide, which is also considered safe and have no side effects.

The e-Book further promotes natural self-medication to get rid of the ill effects of chlorinated water in people’s and especially women s health.

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