Researcher States Chlorination Destroys Healthy Living and Causes Diseases

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( — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia — Chloroform, a chemical element that is a yellow-green gas under standard conditions and used as a water disinfectant, is found to cause cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, and insures no hope for those seeking a healthy living life style. As a result, some countries have abandoned the use of chlorine and resorted to other methods of purifying that water that they use and drink.

An eBook to be launched this week, discusses the effects of treating water with chlorine and how the by-products of this chemical result in a lot of diseases. “The revelations are shocking since the vast majority of people are being affected, and many more will be affected in the near future, considering that billions of people around the globe use chlorinated water,” states the author.

Chlorine, which became highly popular when it was proved that it could eliminate the pathogens in water that caused cholera, has now become something to fear, for those who seek a healthy living life style, as its ill effects continue to be uncovered.

Later, in the 1950’s, it was discovered that chlorine by-products had been contaminating the water used by large populations of cities and towns. People got ill and the reason, it was discovered, was using water treated with chlorine.

The e-Book “Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder” further tells readers that people not only destroy their own healthy living just by drinking water treated with chlorine. It was further discovered that water treated with chlorine and used for taking a bath or a shower insures the chlorine by-products enter through the pores of the skin and polutes their home enviroment, causing many diseases such as resporitry diseases, cancer of the bladder and cancer of the rectum.

Aside from cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, the e-Book mentions obesity, eczema, cancer of the bladder and rectum, as an effect of the excessive presence of chlorine by-products in the body. For this reason, other means of purifying the water used by people must be tried and adopted, if we want a healthy living environment.

The e-Book’s author listed several ways of purifying water without the use of chlorine. First, he recommended the use putting filters on the main supply line to eliminate germs and other pathogens that may contaminate the water, and then by healthy living practices like diet, exercise and meditation.

“There are lots of methods in removing harmful elements from water, aside from treating it with chlorine,” the author stated in his e-Book. What man needs to do is to stop ingesting chlorinated water and turn to using water that is cleansed or purified through other means.

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