High Cancer Risk Linked to Exposure of Chlorinated Water

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(Newswire.net — May 9, 2013) Geraldton, Australia. — Dr. Kiss, author of soon to be launched e-Book revealed that people exposed to chlorinated water through submersion and inhalation while spending time in a swimming pools increases their risk of getting cancer.

Dr. Kiss, who spent more than two years looking for documents that would support his contention that chlorinated water is one of the leading causes of many diseases, for example disease of the lungs and heart, breast, colon, bladder, plus various intestine cancers, and asthma. He discusses these and more in his e-Book, the different ways how chlorinated water attacks the body and lowers our natural defense against carcinogens that can cause cancer and other diseases.

According to the author, urine, dead skin cells, sweat and even feces, when mixed with chlorinated water, result to more than a hundred by-products that are all harmful to the body.

“When swimming in a pool with chlorinated water, people absorb chlorine by-products through inhalation and through absorption by the skin’s pores, which are open when the skin is exposed to hot or even warm water.. The fact that the water or vapor ingested didn’t passed the kidney to undergo some purification processes made the substances more potent,” Dr. Kiss further stated.

To support his contentions, the author gathered results and many researchers findings about the hazardous effects of chlorinated water to people’s health, especially the resulting vulnerability to carcinogens that cause cancer and other diseases, these he lists in his e-Book “Death by Natural Causes or Pre-Meditated Murder”.

One of these studies that attempted to establish the risks caused by exposure to chlorinated water was conducted in Barcelona. The study involved people whose markers for increased amounts of chlorine by products in their blood were measured before they swam in a pool with water treated with chlorine. After swimming for forty minutes, the markers were tested. It was found out that the amount of chlorine by-products in their bodies had significantly increased. Also, their lungs showed signs of inflammation, which was construed as one of the effects of inhaling chloroform, or chlorine in gaseous form.

There are many physical manifestations of negative effects of chlorine on humans. People who came out from the pool have wrinkled and prune-like skin, limp hair and some even have skin rashes.

Dr. Kiss’s e-Book, further discusses the implications of the governments’ tolerance of the use of chlorine in treating water supply when in fact, they already know about its effects on humans and to the enviroment in general.

“For me, not providing  people with a safer water treatment system, other then using chlorine as a disinfectant, simply shows that governments do not care whether their constituents all turn out to have deadly diseases like cancer. The deaths caused by chlorine are not natural or unavoidable deaths. They are all premeditated and the murderers are the governments of countries, that disregard results of studies and do nothing about changing the situation,” Dr. Kiss further states.

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