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(Newswire.net — May 07, 2013) Seattle, Washington — During Teacher Appreciation Week A New Training Is Released That Shows How Teachers, And Everyone Else, Can Create A Full Time Income By Blogging On The Internet

Teacher appreciation week brings heated debate regarding increasing the pay of our nation’s public school teachers. No topic in the field of education is more likely to spark argument. Teachers and their labor unions argue that they year after year they are asked to provide more service without a corresponding increase in pay. No time of the year is more likely to cause debate over the increase in broken homes, child abuse, drug use, and teenage pregnancy, all of which have a huge impact on the learning environments of our youth, than during teacher appreciation week.

Teacher’s participating in an online survey respond by saying that they are asked to do more than just teach, thus they should be paid accordingly. Teachers that responded to the online survey report that they feel that a raise in their pay would respect a larger measure of public respect for their profession.

It is of no coincidence that during the time that teacher’s are to be appreciated that a new training has been released that is touted by users to be the “easiest and most powerful system to guarantee a significant pay raise”, has been released during teacher appreciation week. This new system leads off with a short video detailing how 12 year old kid from Holland managed to bank claimed $12,000 in 4 short months, working 1 to 2 hours per day, after completing his assigned homework from school.

This free video introduction and complete online training program can be found by clicking here.

Currently this new blogging system has over 100,000 members with its top earner Tony rush producing a claimed personal income of just over $147,000 per month. Internet entrepreneur and former bookstore manager Tony Rush calls this blogging training “the most profound movement in home business to have ever taken place of all time”. Online business owner, Jonathan White describes the training by saying “While this new video and introduction has been released during Teacher Appreciation Week, this training is not just for teachers. It’s meant for anyone looking to supplement or replace their income by utilizing the power and ease of use of the internet”.

This video and portal will be kept open during Teacher Appreciation Week, however, White proclaims that it will most likely be taken down after the week has ended. To view training that has produced $12,000 in personal income for a 12  year old kid in the matter of 4 months, visit the page by clicking here.


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