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(Newswire.net —  May 09, 2013) Calgary, AB — Energy plays a crucial role in our lives every day. In fact, it is hard to imagine life without fossil fuels. However a balance is needed to supply this essential element to people’s everyday lives as well as secure the future of our petroleum resources. Key issues have to be addressed such as environmental impact and an affordable supply. Petroleum and geo-systems engineers have the ability to address and solve important problems and balance supply and demand.

To be economically viable  and environmentally safe the production of petroleum resources requires a broad range of professional knowledge, including a variety of petroleum engineering fields including geological engineers, environmental engineers, scada system engineers, and even software engineers.

Companies looking to employ a petroleum engineering firm know that it is a professional engineering discipline that overlaps many other engineering disciplines, such as: civil, chemical, and mechanical. 

For oil and gas companies interested in the services of petroleum engineer firms it can be a challenging process to find the perfect solution, especially when their activities are so varied and their services are perhaps needed on a global scale.

The Oilfield Directory lists companies from around the globe that provide a variety of engineering services in the oil and gas industry. Users can find page lists of specific engineering categories such as industrial engineers, marine engineers, civil engineers, computer engineering and other engineering disciplines.  Petroleum engineering firms are displayed online with detailed information, including their locations, phone numbers, engineering service expertise, website and email links. Members of Oilfield Directory have the option of posting video and photos, a detailed description with hours of operation and emergency contact numbers.

“Oilfield Directory is unique in the fact that members can update and change their company information any time they wish. Ease of use for members has always been a key feature of oilfielddirectory.com. Say for example, you work for an engineering company like Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE:JEC), KBR, Inc. (NYSE:KBR) or an organization like the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and want to add some new contact information this can be done in literally seconds. Authorized members simply enter their user name and password and make the changes, it’s as easy as that.”  explains an Oilfield Directory representative.

Another interesting feature of Oilfield Directory is users are allowed to post online reviews for individual company performance.  This enables companies to measure their performance and enhance their business processes where needed.

With increased demand for oil and gas drilling in recent years there is an urgent need for highly skilled engineers in various specialty areas of engineering. For young people looking for engineer jobs or a new career opportunity the directory features top engineering colleges, universities and technical institutes such as Stanford University, The University of Texas at Austin, Pennsylvania State University as well as others.

Since 1996 Oilfield Directory has been an important resource for petroleum engineers, reservoir analysis engineers, hydraulic engineers, chemical engineers, and structural engineers as well as all other oil and gas professionals. 


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