‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ in the UK announced

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(Newswire.net — May 9, 2013) Belfast UK — www.clientmagnets.com, was officially designated the UKs ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ after asking UK small businesses in a web-based contest.

www.clientmagnets.com was formally awarded the title of UKs ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’

The results of a latest online ballot in which respondents were asked to identify the ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ produced what some would assert was a quite predictable outcome. Small business marketing website www.clientmagnets.com was selected over any other recognized website in the UK. The survey and subsequently, the designation of ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ was founded quickly after a rigorous discussion started about just whom in the UK would actually be able to claim that distinction. In an attempt to maintain the competition fair to all websites, the ballot was performed on the web and the winner was picked by UK small businesses independently.

Right after launching the survey, there seemed to be a competitive contest for the title of ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’, but after the results were verified, there was an obvious and undisputed recipient of the Best Small Business Marketing Help’ title. Right after the ballot closed www.clientmagnets.com was presented as the ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ for the UK. Locals surveyed about the ballot appeared to have split responses to www.clientmagnets.com claiming of the highly sought after title, varying from absolute disbelief that one website would be so sought after, to complete agreement over the selection local residents had made.

www.clientmagnets.com was most likely established as ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ by local small businesses in large part attributed to informative FREE marketing training www.clientmagnets.com has put together for UK small businesses. As a recognized small business marketing website that concentrates on helping small businesses attract more clients, claiming the formal title was not stunning to a sizable bulk of people who took part.

After the overall results were in, Bernadette Doyle from www.clientmagnets.com was mentioned as stating ‘To be honest, I did not even know there was a ballot taking place at all. I’m pleased that many people are aware of Client Magnets!

Bernadette was also mentioned as explaining ‘We work hard bringing the latest small business marketing help to businesses. I am ecstatic about our latest free webinar ‘7 Secrets to Attracting All The Clients You Want’.  Hearing that businesses in the UK have acknowledged www.clientmagnets.com as ‘Best Small Business Marketing Help’ is not just an honour, it’s also a privilege. Many thanks to all businesses that took part in the vote.


Bernadette Doyle can be contacted via https://www.facebook.com/Doyle.Bernadette

For details of the free small business marketing webinar go to www.clientmagnets.com/7secrets