Terry Moore Is the best marketing consultant in Kansas City. MO

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(Newswire.net — May 9, 2013) Kansas City, MO — Terry Moore was formally Awarded The Title of Kansas City’s “best Marketing Consultant:

The result of a recent online opinion poll from which respondents were prompted to recognize best marketing consultant yeilded what some will probably point out was a very predicitabe final result, entreneprenuer an well known advertising and marketing professional Terry Moore was picked out much more then other recognized names in Kansas City. The survey and eventually, the designation of best marketing consultant was created just after an rigorous debate blossomed about just whom in Kansas City would genuinely be able to claim that title. In an attempt to maintain the competition fair to all residents, the contest was created online and the winnder was decided upon by community residents themselves.

Just after creating the survey, there was a competitive competition for the title of best marketing consultant , but after the results were tallied, there was a clear and indeisputable winner of the desred title. Just after the ballot closed, Terry Moore was announced as the recognized best marketing consultant for Kansas City, MO. Residents asked about the opinion poll seemed to have split responses to Terry Moore’s claiming of the disputed title, varying from absolute disbelif that one person could be so well known, to complete agreement over the choice residents had decided upon.

Terry Moore was most likely recognized as best marketing consultant by peers in large part due to the hard work Terry Moore has made for the community companies advertising and marketing efforts. As a regarded advertising expert that focuses on entreprenuers web-based presence and mobile promotion techniques, making claim of the formal title was not unforseen to a sizable bulk of those individuals who took part.

After the results were in, Terry Moore was quoted as saying “To Be frank, I didnt even know that there was a poll going on at all. Im surprised that many people know my name”!

Moore has thousands of followers that can attest to his knowledge of search engine marketing, better known in the marketing industry as SEM.  At last count, Terry had over 500 active students in his online marketing training course for local marketing professionals, and has spoken on numerous stages across the country on the subject of local marketing and search engine optimization methods.

In addition, Moore and his marketing agency “1 Moore Website” manage private business clients marketing campaigns in a whole range of industries, from local Doctors, dentists, chiropractors,  car dealerships and retailers all over the country.

Terry Moore was also overheard declaring ” I work hard on my business, and am truely enthusiastic about what i have going on in 2013. Hearing that people here in Kansas City have actually acknowledged me as best marketing consultant is not merely an honor, it is also a up most privilege.

Thanks to all the marketing agencies an consultants that took part in the vote.

Terry Moore can be reached at the office by phone at 913-645-8337


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