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( —  May 6, 2013) Tempe, AZ–  What is a blog? Why would you blog, and how do you make money blogging?  Blogging has become a very common practice in the United States.  Everyone seems to be blogging, but why?

“A blog is essentially a website that features more content as opposed to a traditional website” according to JC Bustillos an accomplished Internet Marketer residing in Tempe, Arizona.   JC Bustillos has been in the Internet Marketing arena since July of 2012 and has been blogging since day 1.  He wrote this blog post/article explaining how to make money blogging.

“Content is king when it comes to the Search Engines.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing (The 3 most widely used Search Engines) will rank a keyword based on several items and they all have different algorithims.  However, valuable content is the most common reason why a site would be ranked on the first pages of those search engines.  The best way that you can get content out there is by placing it on a blog” says JC Bustillos in our interview with him.

According to his article an actual blog page has a few essential components such as being content driven, comments being allowed on posts, and an RSS Subscribition feed that allows the reader to stay up to date on the most recent posts.

JC Bustillos has posted nearly 200 blog posts inside of a 9 month period of time and has had a tremendous amount of success blogging ranking for keywords related to valuable content on a variety of different subject matters.  He is currently hosting a 90 Day “Come Up” Documentary Challenge in which he is blogging daily sharing content on how to drastically change your life inside of a 90day period of time.   

“The way I look at it is I am creating valuable content when I personally blog.  Content that people are looking for.  I try to inspire people and the best part is that with the platform I current use I own all of my content and I also earn 100% of the commissions that my content generates.  Even if you are going to be blogging for fun, sites such as tumblr, wordpress, or even blogger; are all going to profit from the content you provide so in my opinion its best to put yourself in a postition to profit from what you provide to the marketplace.”  says JC Bustillos

In the present day and age, blogging has become a way of life. While JC’s article on how to make money blogging is very informative as to explaining the necessary steps to turning a profit with a blog, his knowledge of Internet Marketing is second to none. JC is currently accepting mentoring applications to help those that are seeking how to monetize their blogging efforts at this site.

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