Ottawa Plumber Saves Over 100 Tons of Carbon on the Environment in 2013

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(NEWSWIRE.NET — May 11, 2013) Ottawa, ON — Ottawa plumber saves over 100 tons of carbon on the environment in 201.

In celebration of our 80th birthday – Francis Plumbing is on a mission to help Ottawa reduce the carbon footprint of our City.  Over the last 2 years alone Francis Plumbing has already reduced Ottawa’s carbon foot print by over 250 TONS of carbon through advanced water heating solutions and upgraded heating systems.

Ottawa Master Plumber Dave Francis of Francis Plumbing & Heating said, “This year we plan to again reduce the carbon footprint of Ottawa by another 100 Tons minimum. We cannot think of a better way to give back locally than to make our City a healthier place for our kids and neighbors kids to grow up.”

One of the best ways to reduce carbon is to get rid of the inefficient hot water tanks and replace them with a tankless water heating system that is smaller, never runs out of hot water and they save 2 pounds of carbon on the environment every single day – 7 days a week – that equals 712 pounds of carbon saved in just one year alone and these new units typically last up to 25 years.  Brandon Willard, who works as a licensed gas fitter for Francis Plumbing, said he switched over a few years ago and the financial savings has been substantial let alone the impact on the environment through reduced carbon output.

Tankless are not new as they have been used exclusively in European countries for decades for heating water but they have only become popular in Canada over the last 6 years due to major improvements in designs that accommodate our colder ground water in the winter with built in features like flow modulators (controlling the temperature) and built in anti-freeze kits.

Francis Plumbing isn’t the only Ottawa plumber to be encouraging homeowners to make the switch to tankless. “It is one simple way Ottawa homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and benefit financially in the process through reduced operating costs”, says Dave Francis.

Another way to reduce is to upgrade your heating system to a high efficiency system or at the very least have annual maintenance performed on your unit to maximize performance (a clean unit uses less fuel and thus produces less carbon).

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, “Simple changes in our everyday lives can help slow climate change — including reducing our energy consumption, choosing to travel sustainably, and being conscious of what we purchase”.

Some changes being considered by our city to reduce our carbon footprint aren’t realistic because of their extreme price tags and poor if any payback (like solar in Canada) but other things, like going tankless, is a simple inexpensive way to make a drastic overall change that every home owner can participate in.

Francis Plumbing has made a long term commitment to our neighbors to help educate consumers while continuing their campaign to reduce Ottawa’s carbon footprint. Every furnace cleaning, every replaced hot water tank, better dispatch management to minimize driving of our plumbers & gas fitters, using newer service vans with better gas millage – these are just a few of the things Francis Plumbing has implemented to help reduce Ottawa’s carbon footprint.  

The Francis Plumbing mission statement says it best: “Protecting the public health and our planet with advanced plumbing technology & energy saving solutions!”

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