Ductless Air Conditioning Latest Trend in Toronto Canada

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(Newswire.net — May 11, 2013) Toronto, ON — A portable air conditioner is suitable for certain properties: rentals, apartments and spaces that only require them. With technology advancements in the heating and cooling marketplace, the most recent trend for interior design is Ductless Air Conditioning in Toronto.

Being a four-season climate zone, Toronto can call for expensive maintenance and upkeep for household heating and cooling systems. As a homeowner you have to incorporate the costs to upgrade and replace outdated systems as the technology improves, and renders long-term savings because of the energy efficiency.

“Like most household appliances, an air conditioner unit must adhere to certain federal, provincial, and territorial regulations. Some models expire, some patents and technologies are outdated and deemed inefficient.” states Jacob Stanford, a heating and cooling expert and operator of HVAC Contractors Toronto. “A good lifespan for an A/C unit is 20 years. A lot of research and innovation can happen in that time.”

In space-conscious properties like residences in downtown metropolis, compactness and modern designs are important for ductless air conditioning in Toronto for example.

“I find the functionality is the most desired quality, but close behind is appearance. The product has to look slick and blend in with the properties aesthetics.”

For the design concerned, there are current products on the market that have been tested and are crafted to suit any exterior or interior appearance. The high-end brands are becoming smaller and more quiet because those companies can invest in their research and development.

“My preference, and what I recommend to my customers whom are concerned about aesthetics, are the Mr. Slim ductless air conditioners. They can mount anywhere and look great if you can spot them,” jokes Stanford, “…and as long as your not living in a castle, they can heat and cool a large space.”

This specific product is an evolution in whole-home, all-year round comfort. Mr. Stanford said that he and his team were able to dismantle the Mr. Slim in their shop and marvel at the electronic improvements from all other products they’ve been presented with in ductless air conditioning in Toronto.

“After my team and I tested various portable and ductless heating and cooling units, it was pretty much a unanimous decision. My hats off to Mitsubishi and their developers.”




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