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Photo of author — May 10, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cellulite is a unique to women hormone related condition caused by a herniation or fat rupture of fatty tissue through the fibrous tissues. Dimpled areas are caused by the subsequent pulling of the fibrous tissue.


Treatments for cellulite include liposuction to remove fat. The side effects include making the appearance of cellulite worse due to depressions created in the skin. Lasers and other light sources are also increasingly rising in popularity for treating cellulite. offers many non-invasive, non-surgical, options for reducing or eliminating cellulite on the body. has collected an exhaustive list of reviews and information on alternative treatments for cellulite that don’t require surgeries.

Such as the free video, “Getting Rid Cellulite” which offers many easy to manage tips on getting rid of cellulite with exceptional results from satisfied viewers.


Jill Humphreys had this to say about the “Getting Rid of Cellulite” video, “Have been using it since 6th March 2013 and have to say the results are amazing. I am an x fitness instructor with a huge gap of 15 years non fitness.”


Another satisfied viewer, Lisa R. mentioned this in her testimony, “Not only has this shown results but who would have ever guessed it would show results so quickly? Can’t wait to see my continued progress!”


The Rio Lipovacuum Fatty Tissue and Cellulite Massager, manufactured by The Dezac Group, received a Top Rating from Many testimonials at online retailers such as paint the Rio Lipovacuum as a winner.


“This system is a marvellous relaxing toner, lipovacuum and massage unit.” Stated Thelma I. Wateridge of England while Soraya had this to say, “…[worth every] penny as I could see the improvement in my body!”


There are surgical methods to reduce, or remove, cellulite from the body and understands that surgery is not always the answer. By collecting the best products, exercise videos and other alternative methods for cellulite sufferers not interested in invasive surgeries, has provided a valuable resource for a large segment of the population. Visit for tips, instructional videos, testimonials and more in your effort to remove cellulite from your body.


Founded on the belief that invasive surgery is not always the answer, set out to collect information on quality alternative treatments that are inexpensive and easy to implement by most cellulite sufferers.


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